Introducing CoPilot.

Sales Prospecting Made Simple.

Powerful and Efficient Email Automation for Sales Teams.

Our products are used globally by companies large and small


Why CoPilot?

Stop manually prospecting. Generate more opportunities with automation

Engage your sales prospects with personalized email drip campaigns that are triggered based on the actions they take. 

Measure success and engage with prospects based on real-time activity

Measure your success and track prospects' with advanced reporting and a real-time activity feed. Get the insights you need to optimize your campaigns and target the right prospects.

Prospect faster using the apps you love

CoPilot seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, & Prospect Ace to help supercharge your prospecting.

Quit being a task master. Spend more time selling & increase productivity

Eliminating task management through automation, Copilot will follow-up with prospects so your time is now spent focused on closing more deals in less time.

What others have to say about us

“We can automate our sales process, from finding leads all the way through qualifying them, so that our team only interacts with the ones who are ready to buy.”

Garret Johnson, SendHub

"[CoPilot] aims to remove all of the manual tasks that sales development teams often spend much of their days on and automatically engages prospective clients through automated outbound campaigns.”