Verify Email Lists Using Social Profiles.

Prospect Ace's sales prospecting helps you verify your email lead lists using social profiles. 
Improve your sales team's accuracy, reach more targeted prospects and generate more revenue.

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Prospect Ace Sales Prospecting

Verify 25 Email Addresses Free.

No credit card required. No Commitment.

Verified prospects. Predictable revenue.

“Prospect Ace is magic. Our sales team can prospect using social profiles and have dramatically reduced our cost per lead.”

- Ken Pulverman,

How it works

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1. Find the social profile of a prospect

Search for the prospect's you're targeting on a social network. Browse to the target prospects profile.

Search for Prospects

Search for your Prospects using Prospect Ace's targeted search.


Click the Prospect Ace research button to add to a list

Every prospect you verify will be added to your list with Name, Company, Position, Industry, Company Size and most importantly, a verified email address.

Select the Prospects to Research

Prospect Ace will find verified email addresses for the Prospects you research and in some cases demographic information.


3. Start outbound prospecting by email or export to CSV


If you are already an Autopilot customer, your Prospects can be automatically added to an outbound prospecting email campaign. Personalized emails will warm up the prospect to a meeting or buying decision automatically. Alternatively you can export your prospect list to a CSV to use with CRMs like Salesforce.

Why use Prospect Ace?

  • Unlike scraping and guessing solutions, Prospect Ace finds real, verified email addresses for your Prospects.

  • Speed up sales prospecting, improve the accuracy of your leads and increase pipeline in just days.

  • True prospecting automation; automatically add verified leads to prospecting campaigns in Autopilot.

Verify your first 25 prospects free!

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