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Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 16th of Oct 2018
Annotate and Collaborate

It all started with a simple idea: what if marketing automation software could be as simple as drawing on a whiteboard?

In 2015, we introduced the first-ever visual customer journey canvas. The canvas made software that was previously complex and expensive, accessible and affordable to thousands of marketers around the world. The interface mimicked exactly how marketers would design a customer journey on a whiteboard.

But, what good is a digital whiteboard that lacks the ability to write, draw and collaborate?

That’s why today, we’re introducing Annotate and Collaborate. An entirely new version of the visual canvas you know and love. The canvas was inspired by years of customer feedback collection and will change the way your team works together.

Now, your team can work on customer journeys in real time. Marketing teams can collaborate, brainstorm, annotate and design customer journeys together. No more working in silos, or time-consuming delays between ideation and implementation!

At Autopilot, we’re bringing your team together on the same page to help facilitate collaboration and the flow of creativity. This new feature is available to all customers today at no additional cost. No matter what plan, Annotate and Collaborate is ready for you to explore.

With Annotate and Collaborate you can:

  • Collaborate with your team members in real-time;
  • Visualize ideas and bring context to journeys;
  • Increase productivity with new keyboard shortcuts; and
  • Share your best work with others outside of Autopilot

Here’s everything you need to know about Annotate and Collaborate:

Bringing your team together with collaboration

Marketers are constantly working together online. Most already use Slack to communicate, Google Docs to create content and Dropbox to share files. But when it comes to marketing software, the flow of creativity is often restricted and limited.

Gone are the days where your team has to huddle around the one computer to create a customer journey. Collaborate brings people together, whether your team’s working on multiple screens or in different time zones, everyone can simultaneously ideate, edit, review, explain and publish journeys.

With Collaborate, you can invite team members to see actions in real-time as you work together to create the best possible customer journeys. Either download a pre-designed template or start building one from scratch.


View the progress of creation or the completed journey on your computer, smartphone or even the meeting room T.V.

In summary, you can:

  • Add team members to new and existing customer journeys;
  • Collaborate in real-time;
  • Work from anywhere in the world;
  • View a journey on any device; and
  • See who’s contributing and what they’re creating

Communicate and give context with annotations

We all know how hard it is to explain a customer journey to your team or make sense of all the shapes without context. That’s why we’ve created a way for teams to illustrate and describe the purpose of each journey from ideation to when you click publish.

Using Annotate, you can bring your best ideas to life on the visual canvas. Not only can you drag and drop shapes, but now, you can drag and drop images, stickers and emoji. You can also draw annotations to explain what shapes mean in the context of a specific journey.

Not sure how you want your journey to end or do you need to brainstorm more ideas with your team? With Annotate, you can sketch out ideas onto the canvas to show where you might like to add smart segments, triggers or actions. Save your ideas and come back to them at any stage.

Interact with the canvas in a whole new way

We’ve also improved the way you interact with the visual canvas. With a simple click, you can undo a mistake, revert to the previous history or review all versions of your journey through a timeline of changes.

Plus, due to popular demand, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts to optimize and enhance your experience. These shortcuts include:

  • Copy and paste
  • Multi-shape selection
  • Duplicate
  • Size to scale
  • Quick type

Share your journeys with everyone

Want to share your journey with colleagues or people outside your team? Well, now you can! Copy the published template link and paste it on any platform: email, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You can share your journey with anyone that sits outside your Autopilot account, giving them access to your best journey creations.

Discover the best pre-designed journeys in our new Templates Library

Gain access to a whole new library filled with industry-best practices where you can borrow and save pre-designed journeys. The Templates Library is grouped into category, industry and use case, making it easier for you to find the right template based on your needs.

At Autopilot, we’re committed to improving the marketing automation experience. We hope you love the new Annotate and Collaboration feature as much as we do. We had lots of fun making it! We’d love to hear from you, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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