The truth about autonomous marketing in 2019

Matt Geary in Marketing automation on 15th of Jan 2019
Autonomous Marketing Automation

Autonomous Marketing Automation

In the days and years to come, automation is set to become the backbone of the marketing and advertising industry.

Top-performing marketers are now looking to the customer journey — an increasingly complex, customer-centric view of customers spread out across multiple channels and touchpoints. And without automation, managing the end-to-end customer journey is near impossible.

Machine learning has become valuable and necessary

Machine learning as a service is changing marketing in 2019 and beyond. Already, big tech companies like PayPal are using machine learning to stop fraud, and corporations like Apple have their own virtual assistants.

But machine learning isn't limited to large corporations — robot capabilities are set to grow and become more accessible as the years go on. Whether it's chatbots, upselling customers, or dynamic pricing models, the applications for machine learning are almost endless.

In fact, looking at chatbots alone, it's likely that by 2020, 80% of businesses will have autonomous messaging operating in their customer service stack (Oracle).

Marketers are looking to autonomous marketing models, where machine learning will be able to make predictions on audience behavior, segmentation, creative messaging and more.

The tech won't be slowing down any time soon.

Can you afford autonomous marketing?

It's likely that you can. In the past few years, affordable autonomous marketing solutions have started popping up in response to expensive, packaged marketing software.

These all-in-one automation solutions are prohibitively expensive mostly because they bundle their offerings, meaning businesses have to sign up to a myriad of features all at once, most of which will never be used. They stretch themselves very thin trying to offer everything, without specializing in anything.

Brands like Autopilot deliver unbundled marketing solutions — meaning each part of the tech stack can be added to the product individually. Need Google Ads? Just plug it in. Don't need a landing page generator? Don't use it. Just pay for what you need.

Unbundled marketing solutions

Every specialization has its best-of-breed products: customer service has Zendesk. Social media management has Hootsuite. SMS marketing has Twilio. These apps have a defined purpose, and they're good at what they do.

The power of API has allowed these apps to connect seamlessly using products like PieSync, Zapier or REST APIs. API-first platforms play nicely in a large ecosystem of apps, making life easier for the average marketer.

Unbundled software allows marketers to move at the speed of business and focus on the end-to-end customer experience across all channels. And in 2019's exploding landscape of countless apps and channels, unbundled freedom is more important than ever.

Helpfulness and authenticity is critical in a world saturated by automation

Autonomous marketing and related tech advancements are advancing at a rapid pace, transforming the industry as we know it.

In short, automation is helping marketers scale more effectively and save money. But businesses will have to be cognizant of the fact their audience will remain human. Luckily, thanks to a connected economy of apps and automated processes, marketers will have more freedom to produce creative ideas.

Honest, personalized content and genuine helpfulness will be prized above all in a world that will be full of automated messaging. Customers who value (and feel valued by) companies will stay longer, and spend more money.

2019 is an exciting time to be marketing

Automated, unbundled marketing solutions are going to be incredibly important as marketing intelligence evolves. Just look at the way marketing has changed in the past 5 years — everything is becoming more complex and segmented every day.

Marketers who focus on the customer journey, and manage it with automation, will have the edge. They'll find it easier to identify and meet objectives across a barrage of channels and touchpoints.

Those relying on traditional marketing strategies and legacy software will be left behind — no doubt.

The truth is, marketing isn't what it used to be. It's better.

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