How Instyle Solar integrated Autopilot with Pipedrive to close more leads and automate repetitive tasks

Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 7th of Dec 2018
Pipedrive case study

Autopilot and Pipedrive case study

From brick-and-mortar stores selling products off the shelf to e-commerce companies providing products online, the most important element remains the same: know thy customer and act fast! Placing the customer at the forefront of your strategy gives you a better chance of making a sale and closing the deal faster.

According to the Harvard Business Review, you’re seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with your customer when you respond within the first hour. But when you have a long pipeline of leads to call, emails to answer and prospects to convert, speed is of the essence and time is the very thing you do not have.

With this in mind, both Autopilot and Pipedrive wanted to ensure that your customers remained a top priority, even when you’re faced with a never-ending pipeline. To do so, the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration was launched to help businesses:

1. Improve the buying cycle

2. Visualize the customer journey from start to finish

3. Automate personalized communication

Karl Brown, Founder and CEO of the Brisbane-based company, Instyle Solar says the four-year partnership he’s had with Pipedrive has been great for business. Karl has found the addition of automation with Autopilot has improved the level and quality of communication his company has with customers.

“Automation is always great. We’ve been able to create set-ups where our team can’t get hold of someone for a week or two. Before we kept ringing them from a call center, which only upset the customer but now, with Autopilot, we automatically push those customers into nurture campaigns. Having different setups like that gives the customer a better experience.”

The Autopilot-Pipedrive integration gives marketers back control. You can follow the entire journey from when a prospect enters the business as a lead to when they become a loyal, repeat buyer.

Obviously, Pipedrive doesn’t allow for any automations but that’s when Autopilot comes in. It allows us to notify via SMS, via email and it can even let us notify the appropriate employee,” says Tehbyn Nova, Marketing Manager at Instyle Solar.

How it works

The integration adds email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation capabilities to Pipedrive. You can use Pipedrive to nurture leads over the course of a long sales cycle and automate the experience for sales teams like Instyle Solar.

Pipedrive is a native integration, which means that the experience between Autopilot and Pipedrive is bi-directional. All contacts and their information is automatically synced between both systems. This means if you update a contact’s email in Pipedrive, it’s automatically updated in Autopilot.

pipedrive case study

For sales teams looking to automate repetitive tasks like follow-up journeys and lead nurture, read our blog post: Five ways Autopilot and Pipedrive can save you time.

In our Templates Library, you can also find journeys (like the one below) that harness the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration.

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