Improve customer acquisition with marketing automation software

Matt Geary in Lead management on 13th of Nov 2018

Customer acquisition model

Customer acquisition is a key element to driving growth in any company. If your business is focused on acquiring customers, you need to leverage one of the fastest growing tools available — marketing automation software.

Marketing automation software helps improve every element of customer acquisition, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer retention and advocacy

Read on to find out how you can improve customer acquisition with marketing automation software. Still not sure what customer acquisition is? Check out this article.

Simplify multi-channel marketing

95 percent of marketers know that multi-channel marketing is critical for targeting leads and customers. But only 73 percent of those have a multi-channel in place. This is where marketing automation software comes in.

By visualizing the entire customer journey and automating repetitive tasks, companies can stop straining over the finer details and focus on the big, multi-channel picture. The proof?

Your customers want a consistent journey — don't make them frustrated with disconnected experiences (like repeating themselves to customer service representatives).

Integrate a CRM to improve sales

When marketing automation software integrates with a CRM such as Salesforce, something special happens. The marketing and sales funnel align, silos are smashed, and company executives get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Integrating a CRM allows your marketing team to evaluate, score and qualify leads before delivering them to the sales team. This frees up resources and enables teams to manage and assign qualified leads effectively.

Journeys with integrated CRM (like the one below) help customer acquisition for a variety of reasons. A CRM that's integrated with marketing automation software:

  • Aligns sales and marketing processes into one efficient customer journey;
  • Improves user satisfaction with a better customer experience;
  • Places qualified, sales-ready leads to the front of the queue;
  • Evenly distributes workloads across sales teams; and
  • Nurtures leads with retargeting and onboarding messages (depending on whether they've converted or not)

Currently, Autopilot supports native integrations with Salesforce and Pipedrive. If you're not using either one of those, don't worry, you can still integrate. We support integrations through your choice of Zapier or our integrated API.

Read more about how to integrate non-native CRM apps into Autopilot.

Go beyond lead generation

Marketing automation software makes the lead generation process more efficient by offering the ability to natively integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce and Pipedrive. But generating leads isn't enough by itself.

Marketers need to shift gears and start looking at what happens after a lead is generated. They need to go beyond generation and look into converting those leads into customers. This is why lead nurturing is so important — it's the "acquire" part of customer acquisition, gently nudging users towards a conversion.

At Autopilot, we use an organic lead nurturing journey when one of our leads is injected into our free 30-day trial. This journey is very effective — it keeps our leads informed and engaged with our product throughout the trial period. Our simple 30-day trial nurture looks a lot like this:

This journey works because it goes beyond lead generation and nurtures prospects with personalized, useful messages. Once set up, it's entirely automated — but for customers, it still has an organic, personalized feel. To implement this journey yourself, simply click: "Use this template."

Learn more about lead nurturing with Autopilot.

Ask yourself the right questions

Even starting at $1 a month, using marketing automation software is a big change to make. Before getting started, ask yourself the following questions about the tool you've chosen.

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