11 Winning Retention Tactics from 11 Remarkable Marketers

Autopilot on 16th of Aug 2017

When it comes to customer retention, two key actions can make or break your business:

  1. Facilitating undeniable customer impact
  2. Delivering an unparalleled customer experience

The first is about facilitating a profound change in your customer’s organization. According to Gallup, this one action is “the single greatest driver in generating growth for B2B companies”. When you transform your customer’s reality by dramatically improving their workflow, significantly reducing their costs, or helping them skyrocket their revenue, you make your product indispensable in the process. No wonder it’s a key ingredient in maximizing retention—it encourages habitual usage of your product.

The second is about outperforming your competitors on customer experience. In fact, Gartner found that 89% of companies now expect to compete primarily on customer experience. The thing is, “okay” isn’t good enough in 2017. Customer expectations are at an all-time high. You now have to curate a timely, relevant, and personalized customer journey, nail customer support, and take advantage of every opportunity to surprise and delight. Phew! That sounds hard, doesn’t it? 😰 Well, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes quick wins can have a big impact, which is why this post features 11 tried-and-true retention tactics that take mere minutes to set up.

11 Winning Retention Tactics from 11 Remarkable Marketers

Nadya Khoja, who contributed to this post, recently wrote an article on the shortage of gender diversity in the MarTech space. Near the end of the article, she addressed ways we can all make an impact. “An easy place to start is to include more female influencers in any of the round-up articles that you work on,” she wrote. In honor of that, I’ve highlighted 11 remarkable women in this post:

1. Shayla Price on optimizing for retention before leads become customers 2. Lianna Patch on writing “personal” welcome emails 3. Eloise Shuttleworth on wowing customers with proactive support 4. Claire Suellentrop on healing the pain of monthly payments 5. Alexa Hubley on calling your customers by name 6. Clair Byrd on providing real-time customer support via SMS 7. Kaysie Garza on traveling back in time to delight your customers 8. Alli Blum on writing emails your customers actually want to read 9. Nadya Khoja on re-engaging inactive users with webinars 10. Nichole DeMeré on creating a customer-centric community for your product 11. Jes Kirkwood on the right way to reward your ambassadors Shayla Price

Expert content marketer _Shayla Price_ on optimizing for retention _before_ leads become customers

The first step in transforming leads into long-term customers is earning their trust. It’s not always an easy task, but one tactic seems to work well: Including user-generated content in your email marketing campaigns. It makes sense. You’d be more likely to believe the customer who voluntarily posted a review online than the person who wants to sell you something, too. In fact, _MarketingCharts_ found that peer recommendations and consumer reviews lead the way in influencing the purchasing decisions of American adults. So next time you’re crafting an email for a campaign, insert some social proof (like a five-star review or even a picture of a happy customer using your product). It could be the difference between earning a new customer and never hearing from them again.

How to source user-generated content for your email campaign

1. Sift through online product reviews Explore online review and comparison sites, like G2 Crowd, GetApp and Capterra, to discover 5-star reviews of your product. For example, this is the most recent review of Autopilot found on G2 Crowd: Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.45.49 AM 2. Dig into your website’s customers page Your company’s customer portal is chocked full of case studies, customer testimonials, and other great content you can include in your emails. Here’s a call-out from Autopilot’s LiveChat customer story: LiveChat callout **3. Search social media for positive WOM ** Customers aren’t afraid to broadcast what they think about your company on social media, which can help or hurt a brand’s reputation. To collect this user-generated content, search Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for positive WOM spread by your customers. Here’s an example taken from Autopilot’s repository of tweets: Customer tweet Hint: To keep track of these testimonials, Autopilot adds them to a Twitter list called Remarkable Tweets. 4. Scan other sources for user-generated content Product review sites, your customer portal, and social media are all great channels for sourcing user-generated content. But they’re not the only places you can find rave reviews from your customers. Be sure to also check your inbox, support tickets, and the comments section of your blog.

Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch, Founder, Punchline Conversion Copywriting on sending “personal” welcome emails

🎵  Hello… It’s me / I’ve been wondering if, after signing up, you’d like to chat 🎵 You probably already have a step-by-step onboarding sequence set up for your product, helping them to get quick wins. You’re slowly, slyly making your solution part of their everyday work routine. And that’s killer!

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