Nearly 90% of marketers agree that understanding user journeys across channels is critical to their success.

Libby Margo in Autopilot software on 27th of Mar 2019
Data driven customer journeys

Data driven customer journeys

Drive business growth by knowing your customer. That’s the often-repeated mantra that goes through a marketer’s head day in, day out.

Knowing your customer involves adopting a data-driven approach to marketing strategy because data is essential to making smart marketing decisions. Data helps you monitor changes to your customers’ behaviors and actions, and data allows you to gain insights into your customers’ worlds so you can create amazing content to engage them. If you have a rich set of data at your fingertips and a powerful marketing automation software doing all the boring legwork, you’ll find it easier to get to know your customer.

Understandably, making sense of data isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s just too much of it and sifting through the noise to find the right information can be challenging. Having access to lots of data is great — but if you don’t know how to mine your data for customer insights, you’re unlikely to experience business growth.

Getting the most out of your data set requires a smarter approach to data analytics combined with the right tools to execute it. Here’s how it’s done:

Consolidate your data

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you must break down organizational silos. Unifying company data allows you to gain a holistic view of your customers so you can better understand and respond to their needs, ultimately putting you in a better position to drive growth.

Consolidating company data involves taking baby steps. Start by making a promise to refresh critical marketing metrics and dashboards more frequently, then connect your web and app analytics to a CRM platform. The good news is that marketing automation software like Autopilot will make this easier for you with its Salesforce and Pipedrive integrations. The best marketing automation solutions will also allow you to bring your team together, collaborate in real time, and share journeys for review and feedback.

Use data to identify inefficiencies and improve performance

According to almost 90% of marketers, the ability to analyze data points using customer journeys is key to reducing process inefficiencies and driving success (Google). That’s why companies such as Chargify use customer journey mapping to extract rich pockets of data, understand their audience, and make those timely connections with the right contacts at the right time.

Thanks to marketing automation, Chargify uses customer journey mapping to qualify and nurture leads, ensuring that only viable prospects are sent from marketing to sales. Using Autopilot, Chargify designed the lead scoring and grading journey (below) with the goal to reduce the potential waste that is likely to ensue if every single lead was sent from marketing to sales. As a result, Chargify has maintained a high MQL-to-SAL ratio of 70% and seen its leads-to-opportunities ratio triple.

Ultimately, smart marketers are the ones who understand the importance of sharing data across the company and have an in-depth knowledge of their customer journey. Doing these things means that you’ll be in a better position to get the most out of the valuable data available to your company.

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