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Libby Margo in Content marketing on 18th of Feb 2019
Digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing trends in 2019

With 2019 well underway, chances are that you’ve locked down your marketing strategy for the year. You may even be executing some of the tasks highlighted in that strategy. But as you’re crafting the perfect copy to go with that Facebook ad or trawling Instagram to find the right influencer for your new product launch, you may be doubting your decisions. Is Facebook the right platform to reach my audience? Am I wasting my time on LinkedIn? Is podcast marketing nothing but a fad?

Worry no more. We’re about to address the most frequently asked questions that our readers have had about digital marketing in 2019.

1. Is Facebook still relevant?

The GDPR has forced Facebook to change some of its targeting capabilities, impacting the way we use it to create audiences and generate leads. It also doesn’t help that Facebook’s algorithms are changing all the time — perhaps way too often for our liking. It’s no wonder why Facebook is a constant source of frustration for many marketers who use Facebook to promote their brand.

That said, Facebook is still the most advanced social media platform for advertising. According to marketing consultant Shane Barker, Facebook posts (including Facebook Lead Ads) account for 19% of all consumer purchase decisions and e-commerce click-through rates have tripled over the last two years. Suffice to say that Facebook will stay relevant in 2019.

2. Okay. How about LinkedIn?

Once upon a time, LinkedIn was known as the professional networking platform that was often looked-over. In 2019, it boasts over 500 million members and marketers are increasingly using it as a tool to expand their digital reach.

These days, however, LinkedIn has been criticized for being too similar to Facebook; users post updates, photos, and written content the same they do they on Facebook. Additionally, LinkedIn users are prone to receiving spammy messages from random users. These factors are enough to put many users off.

But, did you know that LinkedIn is actually responsible for more than half the world’s social traffic to B2B websites and blogs (Omnicore)? This means that your text-based posts have the potential to obtain massive reach. So if you’re building your personal brand or creating brand awareness for your B2B business, LinkedIn is your answer.

3. Is it worth spending money on influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing isn’t cheap but if you have a decent marketing budget, it might be worth considering. According to Collective Bias, 70% of millennials are influenced by their friends’ recommendations when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Additionally, 49% of these customers rely on product recommendations by influencers on social media.

If those figures are anything to go by, influencers will continue to be relevant in 2019. If you’re planning to use influencers in your marketing, be sure to find one that’s the right fit for your brand. You should also consider not limiting yourself to using macro-influencers (500K+ followers); think about contacting micro-influencers (under 50K followers) — they're cheaper and more likely to have the in-depth audience engagement that macro influencers may not have.

4. Should I bother with podcast marketing?

According to eMarketer, 73 million Americans listen to podcasts every month and more than a quarter listen to podcasts every day (Convince and Convert). Podcast marketing may be a great way to reach a large audience. Podcasts don’t cost much too; they are relatively easy to produce and they can be a fun way to share content.

If you’re not keen to start your own podcast, a good way to dip your toes into the world of podcasting is to look for podcasts within your niche. You can then ask the host if they would be happy to have you as a guest on their show. By doing this, you can ensure that your voice is being heard and also decide if podcasting is something you should invest your resources in.

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