6 ways to improve sales outreach using email marketing

Libby Margo in Email marketing on 21 st of Jan 2019
Email marketing tips and tricks

Email marketing tips and tricks

For many people, email is their preferred method of communication. According to a study by Radicati, the number of email users worldwide is expected to reach over 4.1 billion by the end of 2021.

Email has also shaped the way people do business. These days, the average sales professional spends more time emailing prospects than talking on the phone or meeting them in-person (InsideSales). Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate email marketing into your sales strategy; it is a no-brainer move and one that will reward your business — if you get it right. Get it wrong, however, and you risk annoying your readers and losing valuable leads. Here are 6 ways you can get your email marketing strategy right:

1. Use email templates

Make templates your new BFF. Using templates allows you to save an incredible amount of time because you don’t need to write fresh copy or spend time formatting every single time you need to send an email. That said, it’s important that you avoid using the same template that other salespeople use.

Make your own from scratch based on what works for your business — and don’t forget to ensure your tone is authentic and engaging. The last thing you want to do is to create a broad generic email that will only encourage your reader to hit the trash button before you know it.

Once you have a set of email templates in place, you can use a marketing automation tool such as Autopilot to A/B test your emails and revise accordingly. Autopilot even allows you to design personalized email marketing journeys that treat every contact as a customer from the beginning; you can build one from scratch or use recommended email marketing templates for inspiration.

2. Research your readers

Sending your readers a generic blanket email that doesn’t speak to them directly will result in them hitting the ‘delete’ button. But if you take the time to personalize your email content, your CTR may increase by 14% and you may see a 10% jump in conversions.

The first step to personalizing your emails is to conduct background research on your prospects. We’re not talking about following them to the convenience store (that’s just creepy) or scrolling through four years worth of Instagram posts (that’s just time-wasting). Instead, we’re talking about using handy little tools you can install on your website to capture valuable data about your customers — for example, in-app messaging tools such as Headsup and LiveChat’s segmentation capabilities. You can also use Facebook Lead Ads to generate warm leads from users who interact with your brand on Facebook.

Capturing all this data allows you to gain an understanding of what your prospects are like, what their interests are and what makes them tick (apart from receiving generic emails, that is). After segmenting the data, you will soon be on your way to creating personalized content that targets your audience.

3. Craft an awesome subject line

There’s no point in creating the best email in the world if no one will read it  — and the most effective way to get people opening your email is to create a compelling subject line.

Capturing the attention of your audience may involve taking some time to work out what gets your audience interested. Generally speaking though, the perfect subject line should be relevant, straightforward and smart. It should never be generic and you should always avoid copying what your competitors are saying.

4. When it comes to writing, less is more

It is natural for us to try and cram as much information as possible into one email. It’s understandable — we have so many things we want to say to our prospects. The more information we give them, the better, right?

Well, no.

What is more likely to happen is that the reader will open the email and be overwhelmed by all the text. Instead of absorbing all the information, the overwhelmed reader will close the email — and may even send it to trash. It’s much better to write less, keeping your email focused on just one central idea that the reader will be able to grasp instantly.

5. Avoid using buzzwords

The best way to get your point across in as little words as possible is to cut all buzzwords and cliched phrases ruthlessly. Phrases such as ‘revolutionize the industry’ and ‘disrupt the market’ are cliched and cringeworthy. Not only are they meaningless (especially since your competitors are probably using these phrases), they take up valuable space in your email. It is best to cut them out. Simply telling customers what you actually do and how you can provide value to them is much more effective.

6. Check your emails before sending

Finally, be sure to test your emails. In addition to the all-important spell checks and making sure all the links are working, you should also do A/B testing to discover what works more effectively in terms of encouraging opens or clicks. This can be easily done using Autopilot’s simple A/B split marketing template.

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