3 new integrations in 30 minutes: Facebook, Typeform, and Twilio (Webinar recording)

Brian Sun on 4th of Dec 2017

Today we hosted a webinar on how to use the latest Autopilot integrations, including:

  1. Facebook: Respond to leads faster with Facebook Lead Ads and personalize ad campaigns with Facebook Custom Audiences

  2. Typeform: Follow up instantly after people complete quizzes, demo requests, surveys, and online forms

  3. Twilio: Automate SMS journeys when a keyword is sent to a number, capture information, and take actions based on SMS replies

If you weren’t able to attend the live session, you can watch the recording and view the slides:

If you’re short on time, jump to the highlights:

  • How to use Facebook Lead Ads with Autopilot to automate follow up (8:05)

  • What are Facebook Lookalike audiences? (15:07)

  • How to align your Facebook Custom Audiences with your Autopilot journeys for hyper-personalized targeting (18:53)

  • How to get more hot leads using Salesforce + Lookalike Audiences + Autopilot (21:30)

  • The most beautiful form builder in the universe (27:18)

  • How Autopilot customers are using Typeform and how you can too (30:08)

  • Using Typeform’s hidden fields (32:25)

  • The power of conversational SMS marketing automation to get leads from billboards and conference talks, and how to build it in Autopilot (41:10)

  • How Autopilot customers use SMS to grow their business (51:01)

Webinar Q&A

Below you’ll find answers to questions asked during the webinar. Let us know in the comments if you have any follow up questions!

Is it possible to use Facebook Messenger with the Facebook integration?
We don’t have a Facebook Messenger integration right now, but…we may have something up our sleeve in the future ;)

When I’m ready to talk to a customer on the phone, how do I see which Facebook Lead Ad they came through?
Use the Has Submitted Lead Ad condition in a journey to find out if a contact has engaged with a specific lead ad in the past.

In the case of a Typeform quiz, is it possible to create a list based on the results of a quiz and not just answers to specific questions?
Yes, there’s a couple of ways you can do this. The first is through smart segments—you can either listen for specific answers to specific questions, or listen for answers that contain a keyword. Remember that you can add to your criteria set in smart segments, so this’ll allow you to look for combined answers to multiple questions. For example:


The second is through our Change Score action, which will allow you to give a certain score for a certain answer, and create a smart segment of people who got above X score. For example, if you asked people whether they liked Dogs or Cats more, and wanted to provide a score of 2 for Dogs and 1 for Cats, you would do the following:


Your smart segment would then be built as follows:

smart segment

Is there a minimum number of people you need to add to a Facebook Custom Audience before it will work?
Yes, twenty contacts need to pass through the shape for the Facebook Custom Audience to start displaying ads.

Does typeform integrate into wordpress pretty easily?
Yes. Learn how to embed your Typeform on Wordpress in a few steps.

Do you have Google Ads integrations or Linkedin integrations?
Nope, not right now. But you can upvote the Google Ads integration and add a LinkedIn integration to the product feedback forum.

Do you have a version of Proactive Headsup that let us collect phone numbers?
Great question. We don’t have a version of Proactive Headsup that collects phone numbers, but you can add that idea to our product feedback forum.

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