Folders, subfolders and collections are here to help you organize your journeys.

Michael Sharkey on 3rd of May 2018

Today we are launching the same design and organizational approach we recently announced for the contact manager to the journey manager.

The new design is aimed to help you better organize your journeys with the use of folders, sub folders and collections. We’ve also brought over the much loved drag and drop features to help you stay organized as well as the ability to customize the way you manage journeys.

In the new journey manager collections are a group of journeys. For example these could represent a customer lifecycle stage like Onboarding. Folders and subfolders help you organize and categorize collections.

We’ve added the much loved Team Favorites and Recently Viewed from the contact manager. This allows you and your team to easily reference the most important folders and collections your team access most frequently.

Just like in the contact manager you can now customize the journey manager too. Re-order sections, remove sections you don’t want and select the amount of items to be shown be default.

And of course we’ve brought over drag and drop so you can easily organize folders, sub folders and collections. We will soon extend this feature into the list view but need a little bit more time to work on this - you’ll hear more about improvements we have for the list view soon!

You can read the full documentation on the new journey manager to learn more. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new improvements.

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