3 Google Ads Templates To Win the Marketing Game

Javier Dominguez in Growth hacking on 8th of Feb 2017
Google Ads Templates

Google Ads Templates

Orienting yourself in the world of PPC advertising can be hard, and also a little scary considering the budget requirements.

Regardless, when it comes to search engine marketing, there’s no better platform than Google  Ads. So here are 3 templates you can use today.

1: Nurture newsletter subscribers who haven’t yet become customers

Double the effectiveness of your newsletter subscriptions with this simple-yet-elegant template. It uses smart segment triggers to automatically check your list of subscribers for people who are not yet customers — then serves them Google Ads.

Once a subscriber converts to paying customer, they’re automatically taken out of the journey. No more wasted clicks.

2: AB split test your Google Ads

“Image A, or Image B? The emotional copy, or the hard sell?” When it comes to PPC, guessing isn’t the smartest move. So don’t guess. Test.

This template gives you the power to AB split test your Google Ads variations and maximize your conversions. Know exactly what works, BEFORE pouring your advertising budget into it.

3: Stay top of mind by targeting leads who submit a sales inquiry form

Following up a sales inquiry with an automated email is standard practice. But what about following up with targeted advertising?

When leads aren’t ready to buy, this template keeps your brand top-of-mind through Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. Best of all, it plugs into your existing sales inquiry form with a simple tracking code.

Don’t let quality leads forget you!

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