Customers are resenting traditional sales techniques: here's how you can create great experiences that break-through to them

Matt Geary in Growth hacking on 31 st of Oct 2018
High-performing marketing teams

High-performing marketing teams in 2019

Marketing is not what it used to be.

As the digital landscape evolves, marketers are becoming endowed with more responsibility. Customers resent traditional sales techniques and prefer personalized, value-based engagement. They don't want to be sold to. Not directly, anyway.

Today, marketers need to build brand image, generate leads, nurture prospects and facilitate the end-to-end customer experience.

To meet these new expectations and keep up with the rapid pace of change, consider implementing these five tips.

The tech stack

Let's face it, there are way too many technology tools out there. In martech (marketing technology) alone, there are at least 5,000 platforms that compete with each other every single day. For marketers, the overwhelming choice  can feel like finding the diamond in the rough.

A large marketing stack can rely heavily on manual process and may even feel disjointed. In isolation, each product works well, however, data is disconnected, making it impossible to draw a complete picture of your customer.

This problem increases when you incorporate data from social media, email and other sources of unstructured information.

To ensure that your software is connected, incorporate an integrated platform with a robust API. Autopilot allows you to move data across a large number of platforms using built-in integrations and the Autopilot API.

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still a great unknown in many industries. But in marketing, AI's potential is not only well documented, but it's also expanding faster every day.

AI enables fantastic data-driven marketing possibilities like predictive modeling and marketing automation. With AI on your side, you can start dropping the numerous manual chores that seem to plague modern marketing professionals.

With good marketing automation software (powered by AI), marketers shift their focus onto the things that matter like strategy, content, lead generation and engagement. Embrace AI-powered marketing automation so you can:

  • Scale personalization efforts;
  • Find out what creative is the highest performing;
  • Track user behaviors; and
  • Categorize customers at scale

AI is already powering some of the most dominating brands on the planet. Don't get left behind!

Human learning

The best of the best in  marketing don't just keep up,they constant learn and evolve their capabilities. As marketers scan the landscape for the next big channel, trend or tool the phrase: “that’s how we’ve always done it,” stops holding value.

Staying ahead of the curve will keep your agency or business on the path of growth and the digital revolution. Everything in the digital world changes, all the time. From memes to complex machine algorithms, learning just makes sense.

You don't necessarily need to know that Google makes minor changes to its SEO algorithm over 500 times a year. But these days, it  pays to understand the latest marketing tools like:

  • Data analysis (through a platform like Heap);
  • Best practice copywriting;
  • Martech capabilities; and
  • Knowledge of good customer experience practices

Don't be complacent in the face of rapid change. Learn as much as you can, and use that knowledge to power-up your career.

The marriage of marketing and sales

To match today's digitally-driven, socially aware customers marketing and sales need to be in sync more than ever before. Though, this isn't always the case.

Marketers, by neccessity have evolved with their customers' needs and placed their brand on  multiple digital channels. On the other hand, sales teams still incorporate an 'analog' process where face-to-face relationships are hugely important.

Because of the digital revolution, marketing and sales need to come together like a good relationship. They need to be in constant, clear communication with each other and present themselves to other people as a united front.

Now, sales teams  need to deliver content that educates and engages customers at every stage of the journey. But to do that, they need marketing to help them identify those stages and create the content. Sales also need to distribute content that's interesting and personalized, not just straight pitches. When your marketing and sales teams get together effectively, the results are like magic.

Create a new way of working

Don't hamstring your organization with siloed teams. Martech no longer represents just the 'sales funnel' and 'marketing funnel,' it's the fully formed customer journey. Be the customer, and see the world from their view.

Forget passing your customer through marketing, into sales and onto customer success. Be invisible, and make your audience feel like they're simply interacting with a single, unified brand.

Create great experiences, and your customers will love you.

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