5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads using Autopilot

Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 29th of Nov 2018
Lead Generation Templates

Lead Generation Templates

Lead generation focuses on targeting prospects who are most likely to become customers through acquisition tactics like gated content, targeted ads, landing pages, events, social media and promotions.

Lead generation is a strategy that helps you generate demand and interest within target markets and potential customers. By implementing a lead generation strategy, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Produce sales qualified leads
  • Instill trust
  • Build customer relationships

How to create a lead generation marketing strategy

Using a marketing automation tool like Autopilot is the best way to create and automate a lead generation strategy.

With Autopilot, you can optimize the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Testing and analysis of data
  • Website and SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Multi-channel marketing

Marketers who use marketing automation can easily measure the impact of their lead generation strategy. By accurately managing your strategy, you can increase your overall return on investment (ROI). Previously, we’ve found that marketers who automate a lead scoring strategy see a 77% boost in lead generation ROI over those not using lead scoring.

Here are five actionable strategies (with free templates) to generate quality leads:

1. Capture leads on Facebook

Facebook Lead Ads allow you to run targeted campaigns to attract customer interest for a product or service. Lead Ads encourage Facebook users to fill out a form with their personal details, and those details are easily downloaded into your CRM (Salesforce or Pipedrive).

Facebook Lead Ads are highly targeted and give you the opportunity to find new audiences (custom and lookalike). This helps you place your ads in front of people who are more likely to show interest, which in turn, reduces your spend on paid advertising, PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition).

Use this template to capture responses directly from Facebook Lead Ads and follow-up with prospects immediately with an email or salesperson. You give yourself the best chance of closing a sales deal when you link your Facebook Lead Ads to your CRM system.

Use this template to combine the power of Facebook Lead Ads with Facebook Custom Audiences to close more leads. When someone submits a Facebook Lead Ad, it's important to start nurturing the new lead as quickly as possible. Facebook Custom Audiences are a great way to do this as they allow you to target the lead with relevant ads on Facebook.

2. Capture leads on Google

Google allows you to advertise on multiple platforms including YouTube, Google Display Network and the Google Search Network. When targeting people who are ready to make a purchase, Google can produce effective ad campaign results. According to WordStream, 64% of people click on Google Ads when they’re ready to buy.

To acquire the right type of leads, it’s vital that you first optimize your landing pages, rank for the best keywords, create highly targeted ads and adjust your bids. Once you’ve optimized each element, Google Ads becomes a powerful platform to collect leads and drive traffic to your website.

Use this template to complement your emails by displaying Google Ads to your newsletter subscribers who aren’t yet customers. It’s like a one-two punch for nurturing people towards their first sale.

3. Capture leads with SMS

There are many channels other than Facebook and Google that can be used to capture leads. SMS has become a powerful marketing strategy that allows marketers to reach their customers wherever they may be.

According to an SMS Global report, companies who send messages via text receive open rates of 98% — much higher than any other medium. Mobile phone usage has grown astronomically over the last decade, with some countries citing an 88% adoption rate (Deloitte). SMS marketing is now a critical and core strategy for many businesses around the world who use SMS to send immediate, direct and timely communication.

Use this template to capture new leads using SMS and follow-up on other channels such as email. SMS marketing is a fantastic way to capture leads from billboards, bus ads, physical stores or even at an event by putting a phone number on a slide. It's simple to set up and an incredibly effective lead generation tool.

4. Capture leads with gated content

It’s always a challenge to deliver new and interesting content that is valued across your entire target audience. There are many journeys a customer may take before they make a purchase with your company. These journeys are best nurtured with a variety of content some of it free and others restricted. A restricted form of content is called gated, and it’s used to generate leads and encourage customers to take further action with a brand, product or service.

Marketers create high-value content and deliver this content to people who are willing to submit their personal details. Generally, gated content takes the form of a demo, free trial, webinar, competition, newsletter, event, eBook, report, template or how-to guide.

Use this template to capture a gated content form, send leads high-value content and assign leads to a sales team. This journey demonstrates how to handle gated content for lead generation. With Autopilot, you can capture a gated content form and automatically email the content to the lead. After a few days, automatically follow-up to see if the user has downloaded the content, and if interest is shown, send a sales outreach.

5. Capture leads at an event

An event is a great way to place your product in front of customers who are likely to express interest. An event humanizes your company and relies on face-to-face value, rather than expensive ads and online messaging. But just like how 30-50% of leads aren’t ready to buy when they first inquire about your business online, the majority of conference attendees aren’t ready to start a sales cycle on the expo floor (Gleanster).

To target people who are not ready to buy, you can create a multi-channel journey that targets leads who express interest. A multi-channel strategy requires you to capture a lead’s contact information during an event and follow-up with a series of automated and personalized messages across email, SMS and dedicated sign-up landing pages.

The first way to generate leads at a trade show is by delivering an event where everyone shows up. With this template, you can automate your meetup registration and follow-up process to ensure everyone attends.

Use this template to capture new leads and add them to a specific trade show list. To get the best return from your tradeshow, you'll need to make sure you're collecting information from all your leads and using that information to follow-up with them after the trade show has concluded.

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