8 Lead Nurturing Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Send

Peter Sharkey in Lead management on 4th of Feb 2016
Lead Nurturing Email Examples

Lead Nurturing Email Examples

Instead, you give away great insights to earn people’s trust until they’re ready to buy. This strategy works; it’s why 71% of business-to-business marketers say they benefit from lead nurturing.

We’ve gathered eight lead nurturing email examples to show you what this looks like in practice. Let’s hop in.

1. Zapier: “How to Use Storytelling to Build Empathy”

Zapier helps connect your favorite apps to one another. You can do things like add new buyers from Shopify into Autopilot to nurture them toward their next sale, just like Simple Green Smoothies does.

In this lead nurturing email example, Zapier does a great job of leading with attention-grabbing content:

Zapier lead nurturing email example

Zapier’s approach looks a lot like the perfect lead nurture email, but with an additional section that includes a call to action suggesting the lead start a free trial. Do you notice how the article blurb takes up the majority of the email? This makes the “What is Zapier” section at the end a non-intrusive, earned the right to be there advertisement.

Imagine if the email were just about Zapier with no helpful article, and the company sent it every five days. It wouldn’t be a great experience. Instead, every value-adding lead nurturing email Zapier sends is another chance to build trust and increase free trial signups.

2. Shopify: “How Blogger Outreach Can Help You Grow Your Ecommerce Business”

Shopify makes it easy to set up an online store, and the company also regularly posts top-notch marketing and small business tips. Its blog is a treasure trove of content repurposable for lead nurturing.

Here’s an example of one of Shopify’s lead nurturing emails:

Shopify lead nurturing email example

Similar to Zapier, the email focuses on pitching one article. That’s it. But instead of adding an additional section about signing up for a free trial, Shopify includes a “Start your free trial” text link in the top right-hand corner. It’s a subtle call to action beckoning readers to sign up.

3. Quick Sprout: “6 Steps to Create a Bare Bones and Profitable Social Media Plan”

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout is behind our first text-based lead nurturing email example:

Neil Patel lead nurturing email example

It’s written like a personal email from Neil himself. No big feature image, no company branding. He includes four call to actions, three of which link to the article. And the call to action in the postscript links to Neil’s customer acquisition webinar – the next step in his buyer’s journey. The takeaway? You don’t need a fancy template to stay top of mind with your leads.

4. Vidyard: “Get it, fill it, use it! Steps to building a video strategy”

Vidyard is a video marketing platform that helps businesses turn viewers into customers. People can sign up for a free trial through the Vidyard website, but there’s also a number of call-to-actions to request a demo. Also, pricing isn’t shown on the site. This can be annoying for some, but ultimately pushes people toward contacting the sales team. The company is a classic B2B example of using nurturing to check in with leads who haven’t expressed that they’re ready to buy.

Here’s one of Vidyard’s lead nurturing emails:

Vidyard lead nurturing email example

There’s no call-to-action to start a free trial or engage with sales, so I wonder what happens once readers click through to keep reading. Are they retargeted like in the digital marketing journey? Are they sent a behavior-triggered note to set up a meeting with sales? Do they move to the next stage of the lead nurturing content funnel? By the way, are you beginning to notice a trend in these lead nurturing email examples? Companies typically focus on one main article, and include a call-to-action to drive readers back to their website. It’s a simple formula that works.

5. Lincoln Murphy: “the ONLY two reasons customers churn”

Lincoln Murphy has helped 300+ SaaS businesses optimize the customer lifecycle, so he has a lot of valuable information to share with potential clients through nurture emails.

Here’s an example of an email Lincoln uses to stay top of mind:

Lincoln Murphy lead nurturing email example

Lincoln links to the article twice, and leaves another call-to-action in the postscript. He doesn’t use name personalization or a greeting – there’s no “Hi Brian” or “Hey” like in Neil Patel’s email. This de-personalization versus personalization would be an interesting conversion optimization test to run.

6. Canva: “Needing some pattern design inspiration?”

Canva helps people create beautiful designs and documents. The company has a web app, iPad app, and the “Canva button” that lets your customers make designs. I signed up for their Design School to stay in touch.

Here’s one of the lead nurturing emails I received recently:

Canva lead nurturing email example

Canva’s email uses less text than the other examples, and instead focuses on drawing in the reader with a cool design. The posters are an enticing teaser to view the whole article.

What you don’t see in the screenshot is the “Ready to create with Canva?” call-to-action at the bottom of the email. Like Zapier and Shopify, the company uses this as an opportunity to invite leads into the product that haven’t tried it yet.

7. EMyth: “Looking for new customers in 2016? Get your Lead Gen score.”

EMyth coaches small business owners on systematizing their business (you might like their founder’s book). Since trusting a coach to walk with you in your entrepreneurial journey is a big decision, it makes sense that the company would send great content over time to earn leads’ trust.

Here’s a lead nurturing email example EMyth recently sent:

EMyth lead nurturing email example

The email taps into a question small business owners struggle with Am I attracting the right customers?” – using an interactive quiz instead of an article.

So, I took the quiz (check out Kuia if you’re looking for a tool that creates quizzes). But to see my results I had to type in my name and email address. This is a clever way for EMyth to identify and engage with sales-ready leads.

8. Neville Medhora: “the tagline”

I just had to include Neville Medhora in this list. He sells the Kopywriting Kourse and sends the most hilarious, blunt, and insightful content.

Here’s one of Neville’s lead nurturing emails:

Neville Medhora lead nurturing email example

The subject line reminds me of an email I’d send to a friend, straightforward with zero marketing fluff. Again, no personalization just like Lincoln’s email above. And the call-to-action to see the article is impossible to miss. It’s a quick and easy text-based lead nurturing email.

Want to learn more? Check out this article about lead nurturing secrets to turn more strangers into customers.

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