Getting started with the Autopilot & LiveChat integration - Webinar

autopilot in Autopilot software on 27th of Feb 2018

We recently hosted a webinar with our good friends and latest Autopilot integration partners, LiveChat! We covered a range of use cases, common shape combinations and even shared how we use the LiveChat integration internally.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch the recording here:

If you’re short on time, jump to the highlights:

  • What is LiveChat and why should you use it? (3:30)
  • Introducing LiveChat support at Autopilot (7:35)
  • Demo: Getting started with the Autopilot & LiveChat integration (11:50)
  • Use Case #1: Assign qualified chat leads to sales (24:00)
  • Use Case #2: Nurture chat leads (25:45)
  • Use Case #3: Request reviews from happy customers (34:05)
  • Lessons learned from automating follow-ups (38:00)
  • Common shapes used after a LiveChat trigger (40:20)

Webinar Q&A

Below you’ll find answers to questions asked during the webinar. Let us know in the comments if you have any follow up questions! You can also check out our help documentation here.

Can you embed NPS questions into LiveChat as the satisfaction question?

Out-of-the-box, no. If you have a development team at your disposal, it is possible. You can also integrate a 3rd party NPS service through Zapier as an alternative solution.

Does LiveChat support templated replies for your agents?

Yes! They are called “Canned Responses” in LiveChat.

Can Autopilot trigger a LiveChat?

Not yet, but it is something we are looking into. If you are looking for static messaging, Autopilot’s HeadsUp is a good alternative.

Is it possible to connect more than one LiveChat account to an Autopilot instance?

No. You can, however, add this as a request on our Product Feedback forum.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to Filip from LiveChat for his insight. Once again, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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