How to automate marketing campaigns without losing customers

Libby Margo in Marketing automation on 1 st of Apr 2019
Marketing Automation Basics

Marketing Automation Basics

Nothing turns a customer off your brand more than a one-size-fits-all marketing message. And if you want to engage your customers, you should avoid generic marketing messages and focus on personalizing your content. Personalization allows you to appeal to your customers’ sense of individuality, which increases the likelihood of engagement. Personalization also helps you better meet your customer’s expectations, turning you into the “mind reader” that your customers expect you to be.

The stats speak for themselves: 88% of American marketers saw measurable improvements in their results due to personalization (Evergage) and 78% of internet users in the US stated they were more likely to purchase from a brand if it published personalized content (Marketing Insider Group).

You may be thinking: “I have thousands of contacts in my database. How can I possibly personalize my content?”

One word: automation.

Regardless of whether your database comprises tens of thousands or a few hundred users, marketing automation will help you reach every single one of your contacts. Best of all, good marketing automation software such as Autopilot allows you to do so in a way that ensures your message still feels personal. Here are 3 ways you can leverage your automation tools for your marketing campaigns — and ensure that your customers stick around:

Track your visitors

First things first: you need to treat every website visitor as a customer, rather than just a number. This means tracking, monitoring, and analyzing each move your visitor makes on your website. By understanding how your visitors interact with your website, you’ll have a better understanding of what they want, how they feel, or what their next-best action is — and having all these insights at your fingertips will help you in your personalization endeavors.

The easiest way for you to get started is to put a tracking code on your website. It’s a simple action, yet you’ll gain valuable insights including:

  • The source of your website traffic
  • What pages are attracting the most clicks
  • Data on your contacts and lead

Use this Autopilot template to track your visitor’s data; you’ll soon be on your way to delivering high-performing, personalized content that they’ll actually want to engage with, rather than run away from.

Use emails to nurture your leads

Email is an excellent way to reach the masses with minimal effort — and smart marketers leverage personalization in emails that look like they’re custom-made for the individual. Autopilot helps you create and send tailored emails packed with content that resonates with your reader, allowing you to increase click-through-rates and conversions.

Emails also provide valuable opportunities to convert. The basic email lead nurturing template below shows your customer being entered into your drip campaign to receive regular — and personalized — emails that are designed to gently nudge him or her toward making a purchase.

And based on the data you’ve collected using the website tracker, you can create customer segments and personalize your emails to target each segment so that your customers are more likely to perform a particular call-to-action.

People love mobile devices — take advantage of this

Mobile plays a significant part in your customer’s decision to purchase. In fact, 76% of Americans who conduct a local search on their mobile will visit a business within 24 hours and in many cases, these visits will lead to a purchase. This makes mobile an effective marketing channel and one that can be easily automated.

You can use mobile features such as text messaging and push notifications to customize the offers that your customers receive from you. Autopilot’s Twilio integration allows you to add a contact to a journey when they SMS a keyword such as “subscribe” to a number or messaging service. You can then use Twilio to send the contact a personalized SMS, capture replies and send follow-up messages.

Automate to personalize

Essentially, the trick to avoiding customer loss is not to make them feel like just a number. If you take the time to customize your automation campaigns, your marketing messages can feel like a personalized and casual one-on-one chat with each customer… even if you have tens of thousands of them.

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