10 marketing integrations you should be using in your tech stack right now

Matt Geary in Autopilot software on 7th of Nov 2018

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We all want the best software in our marketing automation stack. When used well, marketing automation can increase lead generation and boost sales. But 85 percent of B2B marketers feel that they're not using their marketing automation software to its full potential, and three in five companies believe that the implementation process is difficult.

Here are some useful integrations that make your marketing automation stack sing. These integrations can be found on the best-of-breed, marketing software: Autopilot.

1. Delighted NPS: for net promoter scores

The net promoter score (NPS) is a proven metric for calculating customer satisfaction. NPS is adopted by two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. Naturally, NPS is a good fit in your stack.

Delighted NPS helps you easily measure customer experience and uses that metric to predict business growth. Integrate Delighted NPS into an Autopilot journey and watch the results pour in.

2. Trello: for management

Trello is a free, flexible and easy-to-use software. Frankly, using it with Autopilot is a no-brainer.

By itself, Trello helps manage projects, teams and processes. Combined with marketing automation software, it becomes an indispensable tool creating customer journeys that capture feedback, prevent churn and streamline processes.

Using the Trello integration makes life easier no matter how you structure your tech stack.

3. Twilio: for SMS marketing

Twilio is a smart addition to any marketing tech stack, allowing you to engage customers through mobile communications. Autopilot's native Twilio integration gives you the option to create dynamic, AI-powered SMS conversations with your audience.

Check out this short video that shows how Kindly Care use Autopilot's Twilio integration to personalize their SMS communications and engage their customers. Kindly Care sends SMS messages that are so well-personalized that customers send through personal thank yous and emojis!

4. Typeform: for conversational web forms

Typeform provides interactive, conversational forms that are a pleasure to fill out. Data collection is a must-have in marketing automation stacks, and Typeform is one of the best out there for gathering data and customer feedback.

Creating a Typeform is super intuitive and it can be used for a variety of applications. It works great on any platform, and the Typeform-Autopilot integration feeds responses directly into your CRM, list, segment or customer journey.

Take a look at Autopilot's Typeform integration in action:

5. Slack: for communication

Slack is so good, it's become a verb in most office settings around the world. "I'll Slack you" is just an easier way to say "I'll send you a message on the software we use to communicate, collaborate and work together."

Slack integrates with other platforms to bring alerts and information to individuals and teams, whether working in the same office or remotely. Autopilot's native Slack integration takes advantage of this functionality by making Slack a part of your automated customer journeys. Monitor key events in your customer journey and stay on top of leads (like in the templates above and below!).

6. LiveChat: for immediate responses

LiveChat is faster than email and more efficient than a phone call. It's also the favored user choice, with 42 percent of customers preferring to use live chat platforms over competing communication mediums.

A huge bonus of LiveChat is its seamless integration into a marketing automation stack. With the LiveChat-Autopilot integration, your team can segment leads and contacts with a simple tagging system or capture surveys in-chat that are automatically synced to Autopilot.

7. Instapage: for building landing pages

Instapage is a platform that helps create personalized landing pages at scale. At Autopilot, we actually used Instapage ourselves. We loved it, and here's why:

Recently, we set-up an aggressive growth strategy. We created a lead generation campaign that funneled users from paid ads to dynamic, message-matched landing pages created on Instapage. The results were pretty incredible. Using Instapage as part of our customer acquisition journey, we:

  • Cut our cost per conversion in half;
  • Saw a 254 percent increase in free trial conversions; and
  • Lifted our free trial conversion rates from 3.67 percent to 13 percent

Visitors landing on personalized pages are more likely to convert. We experienced it for ourselves, so now we've integrated Instapage into our marketing automation software.

8. Heap: for behavior-based marketing

Analytics is a key player for a successful marketing automation stack. Heap is an extremely useful analytics platform that makes tracking behaviors easy. It automatically captures web and mobile interactions without the need to write code — a huge relief for the majority of users.

With Autopilot’s native Heap integration, you can set up customer journeys that are triggered by a user performing a desired action on your website. Incorporated into a customer journey, Heap makes insights actionable instantly. If you like the sound of that, check out this template.

9. Pipedrive: for CRM systems

Pipedrive is a comprehensive sales CRM that cuts away from the confusing complexity of other CRMs on the market. The learning curve is short, and the interface is intuitive — making sales pipeline management a dream.

With the need for marketing and sales to be closer than ever before, the Pipedrive integration is a great fit with Autopilot. Both are simple and effective in the face of complex, intricate or lengthy processes like customer acquisition or lead nurturing journeys.

10. Autopilot: for marketing automation solutions

Use Autopilot to fill your stack with these top-performing integrated platforms (and more). Skip the hassle, only pay for what you use and make the most of your marketing automation software.

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