How Motii used Autopilot and Pipedrive to help small businesses grow

Libby Margo in Growth hacking on 1 st of Aug 2019

How Motii used Autopilot and Pipedrive to help small businesses grow

In the first few years of operation, small businesses come up against many different challenges. Some are harder than others to overcome — and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many business owners face the first couple of years of business with trepidation. In reality, however, many common business problems and challenges are actually fixable, from finding customers to coming up with effective business processes. If your business is currently at a growth stage, choosing a partner who can strategically help you grow is crucial. Whether you need someone who can develop a marketing strategy, implement PR activations, or provide strategic advice, there are many agencies out there vying for your attention.

A lack of systems is detrimental to business growth

For businesses that have identified the need to grow their sales pipeline, Australia and Southeast Asia-based agency Motii offers solutions. Headed by Managing Director Amber Holmes and Operations Manager Ben Fuller, Motii provides consulting services for businesses in the B2B space, with clients primarily in the real estate, food and beverage, and SaaS industries.

“We provide the scaling or the systems for growth,” explains Holmes. “When you want to take the next step in business, you can’t do it without systems in place. If you’re serious about growth, you must plan to take action.” Additionally, the systems must also be right for your business. Why? Because the wrong system can slow down or break a business’ funnel — and harm its bottom line.

Additionally, a common pattern that emerged between new clients was that they knew what needed to happen (for example, “I want a nurture campaign”) but they didn’t know how to get there. Working with small to medium businesses that are typically in growth phases, Motii equips them with the right tools and processes in order to set them up for success right from day one. A significant portion of Motii’s work consists of setting up sales pipelines using Pipedrive; once set-up is complete, Motii provides training sessions to help their customers get familiar with Pipedrive quickly and effectively.

How Motii uses Autopilot

As Motii began to grow their operations, they realized the need for a marketing automation solution that would help nurture the leads that their clients were getting through their Pipedrive sales pipeline. For Fuller and Holmes, it was important that their marketing automation solution could seamlessly sync their data with Pipedrive — and did more than just send emails. “Mailchimp is fine for drip marketing,” says Holmes. “But what turned us onto Autopilot was the nurture campaigns. If a client does this, Autopilot sends them through to the next stage and so on.”

Motii lists 3 other reasons why Autopilot is their preferred marketing automation solution for their agency business:

Its simplicity

Because most of Motii’s clients are small business owners who tend to wear many hats, finding marketing automation software that was easy to use was crucial. According to Fuller: “We needed to find something bigger than Mailchimp to do what our clients wanted to do. [Autopilot] is such a big platform but at the same time, so user-friendly. It’s brilliant because it keeps everything in one spot — and clients love the clarity that Autopilot brings to the process.”

Both Fuller and Holmes believe that Autopilot’s “what you see is what you get” editor makes it more user-friendly and less prone to error compared to other solutions. “We previously used Microsoft Dynamics combined with Microsoft’s marketing automation solution. We’d get ourselves so buried in minute details of what was going on across these different customer interactions that we’d get lost. And because Microsoft Dynamics doesn’t surface the information very well, you just don’t know what’s going on.”

Its ability to help agencies work smarter

Previously, Fuller and Holmes would consult with new clients “the hard way.” This involved sitting down with the client, asking lots of questions about their business, and creating proposals and flowcharts. “But as we began to start using Autopilot in conjunction with Pipedrive,” Fuller explains. “We threw that process in the bin. Instead, we learn more about their business by building in the system.”

According to Fuller, the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration provided clients with a visual explanation of what was going on. “The first thing we do is we sit down with them and build a very simple sales pipeline for them in Pipedrive because that’s the easiest way to visualize how Pipedrive might work. Our clients get excited when we tell them what happens at a certain stage, for example, or when salesperson moves a deal from one stage to another. We then show them an Autopilot journey, which could be triggered off a stage change, for example. For them, it’s instant gratification because they get to see things being built.”

Its simple reporting features

Most small business owners would rather not spend time writing reports. Reporting can be a tedious process that takes focus away from doing other work. However, good reporting is essential for uncovering what elements have worked and what needed to be improved on. Holmes praised Autopilot’s email and journey reporting features for their simplicity and ease of access: “Autopilot provides information that’s really easy to access. [The reports] are instantaneous so when [we’re] talking to clients, [we] can view our progress almost live.”

Customer journey #1: Postcard journey

The Motii team has developed many customer journeys using Autopilot over the years. Today, Fuller shares with us his postcard journey that he created for one of his clients in the United States. In the past, the client had hired salespeople who had been cold-calling their leads. “[Our client] was finding that he was still selling 95% of his stuff himself but still paying a sales professional money for not selling that well,” Fuller explains.

Fuller then created the following smart journey, which allowed his client to only contact leads who had a high chance of converting. Realizing that the ROI of direct mail was quite high, even in today’s Internet-fuelled world, Fuller advised his client to use Autopilot’s Lob integration to send personalized postcards to these warm leads. “Once the client sends the postcards, he follows up with emails featuring well-researched tags in headings — they result in enormous open rates,” adds Fuller. “The open rates for these emails went through the roof because these leads have already received a postcard from this client. When they complete the journey, a Pipedrive activity is scheduled for further follow-up.”

A sales target of $62,500 per quarter was set for this client. “But by the end of only two months, he’d hit $85,000 as a result of this journey!” Fuller exclaims.

Customer journey #2: 90-day real estate journey

As many clients are new to Pipedrive and Autopilot, Fuller and Holmes acknowledge the possibility of mistakes occurring, especially in the beginning. “We build in multiple safety features in our nurture journeys,” explains Holmes. “This is to prevent the wrong people from accidentally ending up in the wrong spot.”

These safety features are especially crucial in European countries where GDPR compliance is a must for businesses. For a real estate client in Spain, Motii designed the following journey with a 24-hour delay just in case a contact is accidentally added to a column they shouldn’t have been in.

Setting growing businesses up for success

In the three years Motii has been in business, both Fuller and Holmes have enjoyed seeing how the right systems and tools can make such a positive difference across an entire business. “We’re not marketing people,” says Fuller. “We’re systems-oriented people. What we love about Autopilot is that, from an operations perspective, it does what the client wants. With Autopilot and Pipedrive combined, our clients are saving time and effort so they can actually focus on what they do best.”

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