The 5 things that matter for fundraisers and not-for-profits

Libby Margo in Growth hacking on 18th of Nov 2019
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The 5 things that matter for fundraisers and not-for-profits

Charitable and not-for-profit organizations face a very particular set of challenges. In order to deliver as much money into providing core services as possible, these organizations typically run very lean, much like a small business.

However, these organizations still need to create valuable experiences that achieve their objectives, such as:

  • Raise awareness of an organization and cause
  • Attract new donors
  • Re-engage with previous donors
  • Inspire a community and truly make a difference

With so many objectives to achieve, often fundraisers for these organizations reflect on the things they’re not doing, and what they could be doing better. Likely this is a result of limitations such as activities being time-consuming or expensive, too onerous for the size of the team, or too complex with the current systems being utilized. Accordingly, focusing on the key things that matter, and utilizing cost- and time-saving tools are key to an organization’s success and growth.

How your not-for-profit organization can benefit from marketing automation

Using a marketing automation solution is the key to helping your not-for-profit organization save precious time and energy. By automating menial processes such as sending newsletters, triggering journeys based on donor actions and qualifying new potential donors, you can allocate your time and cost savings towards the thing that really matters most: your cause.

Additionally, a marketing automation tool such as Autopilot provides your not-for-profit organization countless opportunities to connect with your donors through multiple channels. These channels may include your website, email newsletters, social media channels, live activations, direct mail, media mentions, and more. The sum of all these parts — and how your donors will interact with your organization at each stage — is called the customer journey.

Customer journey mapping for not-for-profit organizations

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience that your customer (i.e. your donor) will have with your not-for-profit organization. Creating a customer journey map helps businesses understand how people use their product (and their pain points), in order to design a better user experience — and the same principle applies to not-for-profit organizations. When used with a marketing automation solution such as Autopilot, customer journey mapping can help your not-for-profit organization:

Increase engagement: by communicating with donors via channels that they’re most active on, including SMS, Headsup website and in-app messages, social media platforms, and email.

Incentivize fundraisers to raise more money: through personalization tools such as Smart Segments to categorize donors and send personalized communications (or reward them) based on variables such as amount raised.

Re-engage donors who have previously donated: by ensuring that your donation process is a positive (and personalized) experience that your donor is happy to repeat. Using Salesforce Campaigns, for example, allows you to re-engage with former leads from past fundraising efforts, thus making the donation process highly personalized for old and new donors.

Whatever your cause is, here are 5 ways Autopilot can help your not-for-profit organization achieve their goals and create more impact in the world:

Use marketing automation to further your not-for-profit organization’s mission

There are many ways your not-for-profit organization can use marketing automation to further your cause. In fact, we’ve seen our customers in the not-for-profit space do amazing things with our software to save time, raise more money, and reach more people.

By using a solution such as Autopilot to automate day-to-day tasks that take up significant time and resources, you can give your not-for-profit organization back the time and resources it needs to raise more funds and create more impact in the world.

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