Our new pricing: designed by you

Michael Sharkey on 9th of Aug 2018
Our new pricing: designed by you

Over the past year we’ve been gathering feedback from our community on our existing pricing. Through this process it became obvious that we have outgrown our existing model and that two bundled plans (Base and Business) no longer make sense.

Most of you told us you wanted to be able to select the specific features you pay for and the level of support you require. So we listened, and today we’re pleased to announce our new pricing: designed by you.

How does the new pricing work?

Our new pricing model truly embodies our “pay for only for what you need” philosophy and it allows you to design a plan based on:

  • how many contacts you need to manage, message and track;
  • the level of help and support you need; and
  • what product and service add-ons you need.

It does away with the Business and Base plans and gives you a simple starting price based on the size of your contact database. We’ve also introduced a smoother upgrade and downgrade process between contact plans with more frequent tiers.

How does this affect existing customers?

The good news is if you’re an existing customer absolutely nothing is changing for you. You can stay on your existing plan, upgrade, downgrade and cancel as you could previously under the old pricing system. You will notice absolutely no change. We will honor our existing pricing and you don’t have to do anything to stay on your existing plan.

In almost all cases your existing pricing will be more economical than switching to a new pricing plan. This is because in addition to honoring our existing pricing and the features of that plan (including support) you will also get access to all existing and future add-ons we intend to release in the future free of charge. In the few cases where the new pricing may be more economical or suitable you will be able to migrate to the new pricing.

How do the support packages work?

Today along with the new pricing we are introducing 3 support packages:

  • Silver;
  • Gold; and
  • Platinum.

Every new customer will receive silver support and it’s completely free. It’s the same great support experience we give existing customers and will suit many of our self-serve customers. Silver gives you access to support tickets, 24 hour live chat and the knowledge base.

Gold support adds to Silver with priority support, journey reviews and group training sessions. It’s designed to give you access to help and support when you need it.

Platinum is for those organizations that require a dedicated account manager. It builds on both Silver and Gold while offering additional services such as our highest priority support, a dedicated account manager, frequent account reviews and access to 1:1 training.

What are add-ons?

To overcome the problem of paying for functionality and services bundled into plans that you may never use we’ve decided to unbundle our plans. Add-ons will now allow you to build your own plan by selecting from a range of products and services.

Add-ons are either one-time or recurring depending on the product or service. For example we have added a much requested Onboarding, Training and Setup add-on which is a one-time upfront cost.

Does the new pricing really start at $1/month?

Yes it’s true that you can now purchase a subscription to Autopilot for just $1/month for up to 500 contacts. The best part is we will be donating all proceeds from the $1/month plan to a not-for-profit. The first not-for-profit we will be supporting is Sydney Children’s Hospital.

We believe this will enable startups globally to try customer journey marketing to grow their businesses while doing a great deed helping wonderful organizations raise much needed funds.

I’m about to become a customer, what does this mean for me?

As of today you will be able to design your own plan using the new pricing. You can view the new plans on our pricing page and design your own package. When you’re ready to buy simply login into your account, navigate to settings and then select the options you need. You can still upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime with absolutely no lock in or contract.

Will all new features and updates be charged as add-ons?

Absolutely not. We make improvements almost everyday and will continue to do this as well as shipping new and exciting features that will be included. For more industry specific features or specialist integrations we may (where it makes sense) offer these as add-ons.

We look forward to your feedback and encourage you to visit our new pricing page to learn more about the new pricing. If you have any questions our support team is here to help.

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