Send Postcards As Easily As Email With Autopilot

Peter Sharkey on 18th of Mar 2015
Postcard Marketing Automation

Postcard Marketing Automation

Thanks to an integration with our friends at Lob, we’re really excited to announce that you can now send postcards (yes, physical mail!) through Autopilot. If you haven’t heard already, direct email is back. Your marketing doesn’t need to be limited to the digital world. You’ll be able to reach new audiences and cut through the noise with personalized direct mail. Uploading and editing a postcard is easy in Autopilot. Check out the interface. Send postcards as easily as email Here’s what you can do in Autopilot with the Lob integration:

  • Create a postcard by dragging and dropping
  • Personalize your postcards with custom variables like name and address
  • Choose the image that appears on the front of the postcard
  • Handle your direct mail in-house so you can move fast
  • Trigger customized postcards to send after events like webinars or a purchase, automatically

Add all these things up and you have a whole other channel to connect with your customers and grow your business. Here’s an example of a simple journey that sends a personalized postcard to everyone who completes a contact form: Postcard customer journey Learn more about the nuts and bolts like pricing in this article or sign up for a trial and create your first postcard journey.

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