Creating a marketing campaign that stands out

Libby Margo in Content marketing on 27th of Feb 2019
Remarkable marketing campaigns

Remarkable marketing campaigns

Thanks to technology, the average person now has an attention span of eight seconds (Microsoft).

This creates the following problems:

  • People don’t have as much patience to read through your content or sit through your ad; and
  • Even if people decide to pay attention to your message, they may stop reading if it’s too long or tune-out if it’s not engaging

Marketers may have their work cut out for them, but not all hope is lost. Whether you’re responsible for implementing a simple one-off Facebook ad or a long-term omnichannel marketing strategy, here are a couple of ways you can create a marketing campaign that will stand out:

1. Lead with the creative, not the goals

According to consulting firm McKinsey, customers are increasingly prioritizing the experience of buying and using a product over the actual product and its performance. In other words: customer experience is a vital source of competitive advantage as companies look to transform how they do business, especially in the digital age.

Creating a memorable customer experience involves putting creative at the core of the strategy, rather than the goals. After all, your customers don’t care about your metrics and targets; they are simply looking for an amazing experience with your brand — and the best way to do this is to adopt a design approach. For this to happen, you must do the following:

  • Understand the customer. This means going beyond what they want by finding out why they want it
  • Encourage greater collaboration between teams by removing organizational silos and ensure that a design or UX lead is involved in high-level decisions and not just tactical implementation
  • Be proactive and dynamic. Customer behaviors change all the time so product development teams should be flexible and encourage a culture of continual improvement

2. Make your customers emotional

An effective marketing campaign uses emotion to prompt a positive response from a customer — and inciting an emotional response will increase engagement. There are many ways you can drive this intended emotional response; one way to do this is to incorporate music in your marketing. Music is an excellent driver (or cue) for an emotional response; think of Budweiser’s heart-tugging Clydesdale horses ads and any horror movie you’ve seen — removing all that suspense music will no doubt make the film less scary to watch.

We challenge you to leverage the power of emotional advertising by experimenting with music in your marketing. You can start off small by adding music to your Facebook video ads to see how your customers react. Better still, you can play around with several different soundtracks to go with your video and conduct an A/B split test to see which ad resonates with your audience more.

The take-home points

The average attention span of humans is unlikely to improve any time soon, especially at the rapid rate technology is evolving. However, by adopting a design-approach to your marketing strategy, your customers are more likely to stop and listen to what you have to say. And once you have their attention, tugging at their heartstrings with emotional advertising will encourage them to stay a little bit longer.

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