Building a Great Community Experience, Oh Kale Yeah

Autopilot on 2nd of Mar 2016

Building a Great Community Experience, Oh Kale Yeah

Since its start in 2012 by friends Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner, more than one million people have made Simple Green Smoothies a part of their daily lives. The company teaches simple, healthy living. Its schtick is getting customers to drink one green smoothie a day, though it offers other perks as well – meal plans, eGuides to health, and a best-selling recipe book. Simple Green Smoothies is building a great community experience with Autopilot. Here’s how the team found the right marketing stack, uses Zapier’s superpowers, automates product delivery, and grows with a 30-day challenge.

Finding the right marketing stack to build the community

Healthy living is something that naturally prompts community. Those into the same diet or lifestyle like to share tips, learnings, and habits. Before adopting Autopilot, the Simple Green Smoothies team had a hard time finding the right marketing toolset to create the community experience they wanted. The all-in-one solution the company was using didn’t give the functionality or flexibility they needed. Dan Mottayaw, director of community experience, specifically wanted unlimited email sends, a mobile responsive design, and a single shopping cart view. The team landed on Shopify for e-commerce, Autopilot for customer journey marketing, and Zapier to stitch the apps together. Autopilot, Zapier, Shopify

Using Zapier’s superpowers to connect Shopify and Autopilot

Moving away from an all-in-one system meant Simple Green Smoothies needed a way for its new apps to send data back and back forth to each other. This is where Zapier came in. When a soon-to-be-spinach lover buys a product from Simple Green Smoothies, Dan uses an automated “Zap” that sends the purchaser’s name, email address, and product SKU number from Shopify into an Autopilot contact list. From there, it kicks off a product delivery journey and a personalized experience to nurture buyers toward their next sale. [caption id=“attachment_3808” align=“aligncenter” width=“690”]Zap between Autopilot and Shopify The Simple Green Smoothies Zap between Shopify and Autopilot[/caption] “At first it was a little scary setting up a Zap,” Dan says “But I’ve felt empowered tying these systems together with automation. Having the flexibility to choose the solutions that work well for us and connecting them with Zapier has been huge.”

Delivering a remarkable experience with automated product delivery

One of the experiences that kicks off using Zapier’s superpowers is the Fresh Start 21 product delivery journey, which delivers recipes, shopping lists, and a cleanse guide. [caption id=“attachment_3809” align=“aligncenter” width=“690”]Product delivery journey A glimpse of a Simple Green Smoothies product delivery journey[/caption] When a person buys the product, the purchased field for _Fresh Start 21 _changes to “yes” and triggers the journey. This kicks off a number of actions. First, the buyer is sent an email series that includes the product and timely resources, then they’re are added to the Simple Green Smoothies newsletter. Last, the field changes to “no” so the journey can deliver again if the person buys the same product in the future. Dan has set up similar journeys for Simple Green Smoothies’ other products. The high-level strategy is deliver the product, send relevant content at the right time, and ask people for feedback. It’s the perfect blend. Ya know, like a smoothie.

Growing the business with the 30-day green smoothie challenge

Once every quarter, the Simple Green Smoothies community commits to drinking one green smoothie a day for thirty days. This is the main starting point for people kicking off this new healthy habit. Community members make tasty smoothies like _Beginner’s Luck__, Berry Protein Bash, _and Pink Flamingo _(Dan’s favorite)._ The company uses Autopilot to send the mission-critical journey that walks people through the whole challenge using automated messaging. The emails sent are friendly, personal, and encouraging. Simple Green Smoothies email example During the challenge, Simple Green Smoothies makes it easy for people to learn about other products, like recipes, cleanses, and Jen and Jadah’s new best-selling book.

Results: The community is growing, and fueling their passion

Simple Green Smoothies’ goal all along has been to create a remarkable community experience. By all accounts, it’s worked:

  • Integrating Shopify and Autopilot with Zapier has made it easy to segment customers and communicate accordingly

  • Hard-earned leads aren’t slipping through the cracks because the company is delivering products automatically and nurturing customers toward their next sale

  • People are continuing to join the community and take steps toward living a healthier life because _it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle_.

Moving forward, Dan plans to look for more ways to create a remarkable community experience. He wants to make it simple and fun to be a part of Simple Green Smoothies – this one simple habit that’s changing lives everyday. Kale yeah.

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