Here’s why your small business should use marketing automation

Autopilot in Marketing automation on 16th of Dec 2019
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Marketing automation is the golden ticket to success no matter the size of your business

Global spending on marketing automation tools is predicted to exceed $25 billion by 2023, according to Forrester. The leading research firm also predicts that 55% of marketers will plan to increase spending on overall marketing technology in 2020. Forrester also revealed that personalizing the customer experience across all touchpoints at scale and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) were trends primed to drive this growth.

In order for small businesses to compete in 2020, they must adopt marketing automation technologies.

Marketing automation technology is a cost-effective imperative for small business

Marketing automation can significantly improve workflow, improve both the service and the experience for your customers, and generate better leads. Fundamentally, marketing automation also delivers a smarter way of working, no matter your size or how long you’ve been in business. A visual platform like Autopilot ensures ease of marketing automation; meanwhile, the speed and flexibility of the software allows the agile creation and optimization of customer journeys to be data-driven and results-focused.

Autopilot’s 2019 Marketing Automation Survey revealed that 99% of marketers find marketing automation software to be essential for efficiency and effectiveness. The survey also revealed that 8 in 10 marketers saved up to 4 hours a day by using marketing automation software — that’s 20 hours a week to spend on other areas of growing their business. As one survey respondent said, “[Marketing automation] manages the data, without constantly importing and exporting it in order to manipulate. Speeding up the work, freeing up resources to expand campaigns – intelligently.”

With marketing automation software optimizing your business’ agility, you can streamline efficiencies, and deliver more time to support innovation and growth. It’s a constant in marketing tech stacks to automate manual tasks and facilitate the connection of all of the purpose-specific, best-of-breed apps to deploy them in campaigns and managing the sales funnel. As a small business, this is an essential resource. The tech also helps you provide a better customer experience by streamlining processes such as ordering and delivery, as well as provide timely customer support.

Discover the secrets of marketing automation success – 2,800% growth in just one year

CoSchedule is a leading marketing work management platform for content planning, project management, and social media — and it has grown exponentially. They experienced a 2,800% growth in 2018, ranking them in the top 200 fastest-expanding businesses in the US. But like every other start-up, CoSchedule began with no customers, no email list, and no traffic. So, what’s the secret to their success? Building customer value before making a sale.

By using Autopilot’s Annotate and Collaborate feature, the CoSchedule team was able to easily onboard people into marketing automation and shorten their learning curve. With the data and customer insights that marketing automation was able to provide, CoSchedule could quickly discover the customer journey elements that worked — and what areas needed improving. For example, using Autopilot to A/B test subject lines alone, CoSchedule has crafted emails with an open rate as high as 82%.

CoSchedule’s Head of Marketing Nathan Ellering perhaps says it best. “The more you understand the power of automation and AI, the closer you connect with your customers before a single sale is made. [Marketing automation software] is so powerful, and in the beginning, we went through a huge learning curve. But as we learn, so does our audience, and Autopilot helps us deliver content on a silver platter.”

Do you have access to marketing’s golden ticket?

We know that marketers and business owners are busier than ever. And that is why our survey respondents are deploying a tool at their disposal that optimizes their work and focuses their efforts on high-level activities that will drive stronger results while preparing them for ongoing success in their own careers and business.

Marketing automation is more than just a time-saving tool. It helps small businesses work smarter and expand resources. It helps you understand and connect with your customers better. It helps you get results faster.

Can your small business afford not to have it?

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