Steal Our Secret Sauce: The Trial Journey Behind Autopilot

Autopilot on 13th of Mar 2015

Steal Our Secret Sauce: The Trial Journey Behind Autopilot

Yesterday, our CEO Michael Sharkey & CMO Guy Marion showed the real-life customer journey that we use at Autopilot to convert trial users with multi-channel marketing. It’s the product of over 10,000 hours of experience, years of trial and error, and it’s yours. He also went in-depth about topics like:

  • The key to building a great onboarding experience

  • Why it’s important to study your customers

  • Physical mail (postcards, gift cards, handwritten notes) as part of a marketing automation expert’s toolkit

  • How personalized marketing is changing marketing

And a number of other things that would make the above bullet point list too long. So sit back, relax, put on your headphones, and learn from the Captain.

Golden nuggets from the webinar

[tweetthis]Doing marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing can really solidify relationships with your customers. [/tweetthis]

[tweetthis]The first step in building an onboarding experience is to step outside of the software and talk to customers.[/tweetthis]

[tweetthis]Personalization is more than just adding a first name to an email, it’s about curating journeys for your customers.[/tweetthis]

What marketers are asking about Autopilot

Will I be able to use Autopilot with CRMs other than Salesforce? Yup. We started with Salesforce because that’s what most marketers use but there’s definitely more CRM integrations to come. Does Autopilot have a landing page builder? Nope. But we will integrate with best of breed landing page builders. To save you time, here’s an in-depth comparison of the top 5 landing page builders. What’s the plan for releasing more guides? The plan is two-fold. Make more guides in-house and curate guides from you. Yes, you. And the other remarkable marketers of the world. What about lead scoring? We’re going to write more on this topic soon. We’ve got a lot to say about it, but for now the two-second version is we believe lead scoring is limited and marketers should bring a more holistic picture to determining a lead is hot. What is the ideal size of company to be using this software? Autopilot’s sweet spot is small to medium sized businesses, but it’s powerful enough for larger businesses as well. What’d you learn from the Captain? What would you like to see in Autopilot? Leave a comment below. We’re all ears.

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