Say goodbye to working on weekends

Autopilot in Lead management on 5th of Nov 2019
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Say goodbye to working on weekends

Time, and the internet, waits for no one

You may work 5 days a week, but the internet never sleeps. New leads can come in at any time, while you’re preparing dinner, asleep, or enjoying a round of golf on the weekend. What this means is that you’ll need to be ready to follow these leads up as soon as you’re back at work. It’s best not to keep anyone waiting for your response for extended periods of time, so you need a way to identify and prioritize these contacts especially if their queries come through over the weekend.

Follow up first after the weekend

This Capturing Weekend Form Submissions journey is built to identify contacts that submit a form on your website over the weekend. The reason we want to target these leads is that we find most weekend enquiries or sign-ups are from contacts in leadership positions in their business, working in preparation for the week ahead. We want to specifically capture and prioritize these contacts for follow-ups as they are of high interest. By implementing this journey you’ll be able to successfully distinguish your weekend enquiry contacts for priority follow up.

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