Capture more revenue through cart recovery

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Capture more revenue through cart recovery

Increase your revenue by recovering carts

Almost 70% of all shopping carts will be abandoned (Baymard Institute). This means that 3 out of every 4 customers that visit your e-commerce website will add something to their cart, only to leave your site without paying for any items.

That’s a lot of potential revenue that you might be losing.

Your customers may leave their carts behind for a number of reasons:

  • They find similar products at lower prices from your competitors;
  • Decide they’re not interested in making the purchase anymore;
  • Began searching for their credit card in the next room and get distracted along the way; or
  • Suffer basket fatigue once they see the total cost of all items (and shipping charges) tallied.

However, the good news is that you can increase the likelihood of recovering these carts by prompting these shoppers with a simple journey.

Recover more carts through to check-out

This Cart Recovery journey is designed to recognize when a contact has left their cart, sending them reminders and incentives to return to the cart. For this journey to work, you will need to connect Shopify with Autopilot.

When a contact leaves items in their shopping cart, a reminder email is sent to encourage them to complete their purchase. The journey uses condition checks to detect if the contact re-visits the cart to finalize their purchase — if they haven’t, they will be sent either a free shipping offer or a discount code to incentivize them. This journey also enables you to retarget these contacts via Facebook ads, reminding them about their cart.

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