Best practices for email opt-ins in the age of the GDPR

Autopilot in Email marketing on 2nd of Oct 2019

Best practices for email opt-ins in the age of the GDPR

If you’re using or thinking about using email marketing in your journeys, you need to make sure you’re GDPR-compliant. In addition to obtaining your contacts' consent before emailing them, you must also respect their personal data.

Marketers used to operate under the standard of “consent = not opting out.” But when the GDPR was introduced in May 2018, this changed. Companies now need to ensure that their contacts have agreed to be marketed to or they may face severe penalties for non-compliance. Our article regarding the GDPR provides further details if you need some more information.

There’s a simple solution

In this Success with Autopilot journey, when a contact subscribes to your website for the first time, you’ll be able to confirm the validity of their email address, confirm they intend to be subscribed to your database, and update their contact record with this information.

By enforcing this simple yet effective second level of confirmation, you can ensure that your email is received actual and interested contacts. The result? Improved email engagement and deliverability rates, not to mention GDPR compliance.

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