To qualify or not to qualify, that is the question

Autopilot in Growth hacking on 24th of Sep 2019

To qualify or not to qualify, that is the question

Not all leads are created equal

Your incoming leads are all of a varying ‘quality’ and type, and it’s your job to sort them in order to organise and prioritise your lead management. Creating a lead hierarchy sets you up to appropriately address each lead, no matter which stage of the buying stage they’re currently at. Once you’ve done this, you can successfully route your qualified leads to sales, and send the rest into nurtures, or to be followed up later.

Figure out what’s important for you

This lead qualification journey is designed to capture a lead’s details and assign them to the appropriate sales team, or team member, in Pipedrive. This is a particularly useful journey for capturing and qualifying international customers, as you can ensure that you match a team member in the lead’s timezone as their main point of contact. However, there are multiple applications for this kind of intelligent lead routing. You can easily adjust this journey by changing the fields checked in the Condition Checks, based on what you want to qualify leads by.

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