Boost your revenue potential with this lead scoring journey

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Boost your revenue potential with this lead scoring journey

Which leads are worth your time? (and which aren’t)

When you’re trying to generate more money for your business, you need to ensure you’re prioritizing leads most likely to convert into paying customers, and not waste time pursuing unworthy prospects.

When a lead visits your website more than once over a period of time, this is a strong indication they are interested in buying from you. After all, any repeat action on behalf of a lead is a good sign you’ve captured their interest. They may just need a final push to purchase.

By capturing these visit counts (and dates) you can surface the hottest leads to reach out — and identify disengaged contacts to retarget in other ways, such as via a Facebook Lead Ad.

Lead scoring based on frequency

By using this Lead Scoring Daily Website Visits journey, you’ll be able to track when a contact visits your website at least once a day. This is a simple yet effective way to determine how engaged a contact is with your website or app, allowing you to quickly identify contacts that are more active. By introducing an Update Field shape to track which page was last visited, you can easily collect this data in custom fields for future retargeting campaigns. For example, you might want to send a different message to more active users than less active ones.

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