Master your webinar follow-ups

Autopilot in Lead management on 8th of Oct 2019

Master your webinar follow-ups

So you hosted a webinar - now what?

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to establish trust with your audience and distinguish yourself as an expert in your industry. But once your webinar is over, following up is essential to close the loop with attendees and drive traffic to your website again. Whether your attendees are existing customers or not, following up with your webinar attendees provides a great opportunity to get some valuable feedback and insights into how well they understand your product.

Don’t send a generic follow up

This Managing Webinar Attendees journey allows you to follow up with your webinar attendees, and ensure they’re on the right track with your product. We’ve used our Zapier integration to connect with our Livestorm account, to bring across the contact details of the webinar attendees and email them. We’ve used a small data enrichment email to gauge the contact’s experience with our demo, and send them appropriate resources or alerted our team to give them a hand.

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