Never send a newsletter at midnight again

Autopilot in Email marketing on 15th of Oct 2019

Never send a newsletter at midnight again

Optimizing emails for different time zones

Chances are, you’re already sending out a newsletter. They’re a staple of email marketing and an effective way to build an ongoing relationship with your audience.

But what do you do when you're communicating with a global audience and have customers from all over the world? It’s not a great look when your newsletter arrives at 8 am for subscribers in the US, but at 3 am for others half a world away. By the time those contacts have jumped out of bed, it’s possible that email is at the bottom of a large pile, rather than having been received at the time you experience your highest open rates. Yes, that's right: sending your emails at the wrong time can derail even the most brilliant email campaigns.

Thanks to Autopilot's time and day window in delays and this Success With Autopilot journey, however, you will no longer experience this issue.

Deliver at the right time, every time

This multiple time zone newsletter journey sets you up to send out your newsletter to multiple time zones, at an optimal time in each location. We’ve used our sign-up region custom field, which stores the country of each contact if we have it associated with their details. We then configure the delay for the most popular time period that experiences the best engagement from contacts, with high open and click-through rates. The catch-all delay at the very bottom makes sure that if a contact’s region is not captured, they’ll still receive your newsletter.

You can even split test your content to see what types of subject lines or articles work best.

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