The pause ability you always wanted

Autopilot in Marketing automation on 15th of Dec 2019
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The pause ability you always wanted

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One question we quite often hear from customers is “can I pause a live journey?” This is usually a scenario that arises in the lead up to a holiday period, where contacts will be unlikely to engage with content (no matter how good the subject lines!). And stopping a journey may not be an option where it is set up in such a way that performance data would be disrupted in shutting it down. But fear not, whether it’s a weekend, a week or a month, you can save your contacts from returning to a full inbox of unread emails with this simple journey strategy.

Constructive pausing in Autopilot

The logic we’ve used in this template allows you to pause on your journeys and resume them whenever you’re ready. We’ve broken it down into three sections to clearly illustrate the before, during and after logic that you’ll need to implement to ensure the pause period runs smoothly. Being able to effectively pause your contacts in a journey, and halt all sends is a useful tool that you can implement into any of your journeys.

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