How to win back lost customers

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How to win back lost customers

Don’t give up on past customers!

When a customer purchases from your website once, there’s no guarantee that they’ll buy again — even if they loved your product or service.

In an ideal world, there would always be more new customers to make up for the ones who lapse or become inactive, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, your typical B2C e-commerce business only has a 32% chance of getting a first-time customer to order a second time (RJ Metrics).

Re-engagement campaigns are designed to recapture those customers who have purchased but have since dropped off for whatever reason: perhaps they got distracted by your competitors’ offers or maybe they simply forgot about you. Generally speaking, re-engagement is a powerful strategy because it allows you to build on past momentum and previous intent, instead of needing to start over from scratch.

How to re-engage past customers and convert them into active buyers

This Re-Engaging Customers Who Recently Purchased journey enables you to reach out to customers who have previously purchased from your Shopify website. The journey is designed to re-engage them with content that will keep your brand top of mind and sway them to purchase from your business again.

The first part of this journey creates an updating field to track when a customer last made a purchase, so you can easily identify their most recent purchase. The second part involves using a Smart Segment trigger to identify those customers who haven’t bought in the last 30 to 40 days and sending them a re-engagement email (such as a compelling offer or discount) to pique their interest again and encourage them to make another purchase.

This journey also allows you to score your leads, based on how they interact with your email content. This will help you identify and target leads that need further nurturing, identify potential new fans and “net promoters,” or refine your marketing message if necessary.

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