Reward your customers with this loyalty program journey

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Reward your customers with this loyalty program journey

Encourage repeat buyers

Reward programs - we’re all a part of them, whether we use them or not. In fact 72% of all online shoppers belong to at least one loyalty program (Forrester). From hole-puched cards for a morning coffee, to accruing points based on spend, these programs incentivize new customers to shop with you, and creates return business from existing customers by rewarding them for their loyalty. If you don’t already have a program in place, it’s time to seriously think about creating one, particularly since up to 84% of consumers say they’ll repurchase from a business that has a loyalty or rewards program (Nielson).

Reward your customers for their loyalty and spending

By implementing a reward system for your customers, you can successfully encourage repeat orders and generate a loyal customer base. This journey gives you the base setup to launch your new reward program, by setting up the logic to update a contact’s details for the program criteria. It’s important to note that this journey is made possible by using Zapier to bring in details from Shopify, so you’ll need to map the appropriate fields across to tell you a contact’s total cumulative spend, in order to assign them with the correct reward tier.

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