Postcards, the personal touch that email lacks

Autopilot in Growth hacking on 30th of Oct 2019
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Postcards, the personal touch that email lacks

Not just for snails

The world is so online nowadays. Emails dominate marketing campaigns, with around 269 billion emails sent and received each day. It makes sense - they’re an extremely efficient and inexpensive way to communicate with your contacts. Strategically differentiating yourself from your competition is an important strategy. In some scenarios, when everyone is going digital - go with snail mail - and no, we're not kidding.

Let’s get physical

With Autopilot’s Lob integration, you can send your contacts a personalized postcard in the mail, straight to whatever address you have on file, to really set yourself apart from your competition. You can personalize everything just as you would an email. Postcards create a great point of difference for your marketing. You can use them to thank or reach out to existing customers, or perhaps to offer limited-time discounts to incentivize return customers.

Here, we’re sending our contacts a thank you postcard when they give up a high NPS score. This journey is a great starting point for the unique opportunity of incorporating and automating physical mail into your marketing strategy.

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