Remind your users to complete the sign up process

Autopilot in Email marketing on 8th of Jun 2020
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Remind your users to complete the sign up process

Don't let your customers forget

Sometimes we forget to do something important. Then comes the lightbulb moment (often in the middle of the night), where you remember suddenly, and rush to complete whatever task it may be. This happens to your customers too. They may skip over important steps in their account set up, and then simply forget to return.

In fact, a recent study from SimilarWeb demonstrated that website visit durations average around 709 seconds, or almost 12 minutes. If your account set up process takes a considerable amount of time, there’s a higher chance users may lose interest during the process and, accordingly, a higher chance they forget to return and complete set up.

This is why set up reminders are so important and, luckily for you, we've built a journey to enable you to remind your contacts to take particular actions.

Keep contacts on track with automated reminders

In this journey, you can easily automate reminders for your customers if they haven’t completed their details, or if you need them to take a necessary step in their account set up. We’ve used the example of prompting your contacts to add their birthday, by sending a reminder email every 14 days until they complete this step. By implementing this Sending Reminders journey, you’ll be able to automatically encourage your contacts to update their details, enabling you to increase the level of personalization and targeting in your email campaigns.

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