How to be specific in your unsubscribe preferences

Autopilot in Email marketing on 10th of Oct 2019

How to be specific in your unsubscribe preferences

Everyone has their own preferences

Businesses send out a range of content. Whilst contacts may enjoy receiving particular content (such as a particularly witty and interesting weekly newsletter), or need to receive certain notifications (such as important account updates), there may be other content they may wish to not receive.

However, by only having one unsubscribe option across all your content types, you run the risk of contacts unsubscribing to all content rather than the particular kind they're trying to avoid. To avoid this issue, you need to give them the option to unsubscribe from emails they don’t want to see.

Give your contacts the option to opt-out

To implement this logic into your email sends, you’ll need to build specific landing pages and URLs that let your contacts know they’ve unsubscribed from that type of email. If you can’t build new pages, we suggest using UTMs to distinguish the unsubscribe link clicks. When you’ve added the link to your emails, use this simple operational journey to ensure that when a contact visits that link, they are removed from the list associated with those email sends.

You’ll be able to use this canvas as a base for all your list specific unsubscribe links, to ensure you’re keeping track of them, and managing your contacts’ email preferences.

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