How to optimize the never-ending customer journey

Autopilot in Lead management on 22nd of Oct 2019
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How to optimize the never-ending customer journey

Don’t be afraid of moving your contacts

My colleague once said, “The journey never ends”.

It’s true — journeys are meant to be tweaked, optimized, and evolved to maximize their results. For example, you may find that an existing journey may work one day, but be less effective in 6 month’s time due to variables such as changes to customer behavior. In this situation, it’s possible to create a seamless transition for those contacts currently progressing through the original version of the journey, and move them to a new and improved version. And with every optimized version, you’ll learn more about what types of content and messaging style your contacts prefer and respond to the most.

Keep optimizing your journeys

This Transitioning Contacts From Old to New Journeys template allows you to successfully transition your existing contacts from one journey to the next, keeping them on track and up to date with your content. By replacing the trigger in your journey, you’ll stop any new contacts from entering it, but keep current contacts moving through. You can then use the original trigger in a new journey to add new contacts to this optimized version. We’ve also used condition checks to ensure that if any contact on this list had received the original content, they will bypass it in this new journey, and fast-tracked to content they haven’t received yet.

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