Triggering Marketing Automation Journeys from Status Updates

Autopilot on 17th of Apr 2015

Triggering Marketing Automation Journeys from Status Updates

Marketing automation is appealing because as you collect more data about your contacts and customers throughout their lifecycle, you can automatically trigger personalized, high-value communications that improves their satisfaction while driving your conversion funnel. Let’s say a free 30-day SaaS trial expires and the trialist decides not to buy, or a sales rep qualifies-out a “not yet ready” lead after a disappointing conversation. In both cases, you may wish to nurture that person until they are ready to re-evaluate. Remember that 75% of new sales leads are not ready to buy immediately, but will be ready to within 12 months.

A little change can go a long way  

Today, we released the “Field Changed” trigger, which enables you to start a new Autopilot nurturing journey instantly in response to Autopilot field value changes. Salesforce Field Value Change This trigger allows you to add contacts to a Journey based on whether an Autopilot field:

  • equals a value;

  • no longer equals a value;

  • is greater than a value; or

  • is less than a value.

Use “Field Changed” to automatically start nurturing cold leads 

In the examples above, let’s say your trialist passes day 30 of their free trial, and decides not to buy. You can automatically update the Autopilot contact status from “Active” –> “Nurture” (using the “Update Field” action), then start nurturing them using the ”Field Changed” trigger when ”Status” equals “nurture” (see image above). By nurturing them with useful content, that curious friend is more likely to return and try again in the coming year - see lifecycle nurture for tips. Or, consider the case of your deflated sales rep who got off a bad call and changed the Salesforce Lead status from “Contacted” –> “Nurture”. Assuming you have synced Autopilot to Salesforce, then Salesforce will update the Autopilot Status to nurture once the change syncs with Autopilot (which syncs every 10 minutes). As above, you can then use the Field Changed trigger to automatically start to nurture them.

How is this different from the Salesforce “Field Changed” Trigger?

Last week we released a Salesforce Field Changed trigger. Unlike this new ”Autopilot Field Changed” trigger, the Salesforce trigger queries Salesforce objects (Leads and Contacts) directly, which may be more convenient if you’re a heavy Salesforce user and don’t want to map all of your fields to Autopilot


Personalizing the customer journey with marketing automation technology is only as powerful as the customer data that your system has access to. A richer customer record means more ability to be “1:1” or relevant, targeted, and direct in your messaging. Today’s new trigger feature, coupled with the ability to engage across multiple channels, including email, text messages, or physical mail, introduces yet another set of possibilities for you to create remarkably personalized customer journeys and grow your business faster.

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