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Autopilot on 29th of May 2019
What is postcard marketing?

What is postcard marketing?

In 2017, about 269 billion emails were sent and received each day — and that figure is expected to grow to 320 billion emails per day by 2021 (Statista). It’s clear that we all love emails — they’re a quick, efficient, and inexpensive way to communicate with your customers.

Emails come in various forms, from content, deals, event invitations, thank you notes, and beyond. And while it’s nice to receive a thank you email from a happy client or customer, it’s much more sincere if the same message was sent via snail mail. “Snail mail?” you ask. Yes, it’s true that people aren’t sending as many letters these days. But if you look around at your modern lifestyle, you’ll see that the art of the written word is far from dead.

The ROI of direct mail

Direct mail is very much alive. According to the CMO Council, direct mail remains arguably the most powerful communication channel in terms of open-rate and conversions. Of the $42B in direct marketing spend in the US, direct mail is the #1 channel — this makes it bigger than search and display combined!

Sure, mail may cost more per impression than traditional digital marketing. When done well, however, mail boasts a higher conversion rate. In fact, response rates for existing customers are approximately 3.4% for email, yet only 0.12% for email (Direct Marketing Association). Direct mail gives you the personal touch that an email lacks, and can help close new customers, nurture fragile leads, and win key customers back.

Don’t ditch emails!

Don’t fret — we’re not saying that you should stop sending emails entirely. Email will always be an incredibly powerful tool and marketers will continue to use emails to engage customers based on an action taken by, or directed towards an individual.

In particular, triggered emails are powerful because they enable marketers to automatically send personalized touchpoints to the right person at the right time. By performing a specified action, such as clicking one of your emails or viewing specific pages on your website, customers identify themselves in way that enables marketers to deliver the right content to help the buyer advance through the decision-making journey.

Now, imagine the possibilities if it were as easy to automatically send a postcard as it is an email….

If direct mail were as easy as automated emails…

The good news is that you can automate the sending of direct mail, thanks to Autopilot’s Lob integration.

When implementing Lob for direct mail, all you need is a physical address and HTML. That’s all it takes to create a physical mail piece. And with everything being done in-house, you can make changes on the fly, rapidly launch campaigns, and scale your mailings on-demand. With Autopilot’s Lob integration, you can now build and control your business’ entire print and mail workflow, regardless of size, directly from your terminal.

Result: You can now send physical mail as effortlessly as email.

Automated direct mail in action

We believe that communication in the offline world should be as effortless as it is online. And being able to deliver consistent messaging and brand experiences across many channels allows companies to reach new audiences. Integrating Lob with Autopilot’s easy-to-use automation solution offers an instant-on way for marketers to create consistent buyer journeys that are creative and personal.

Take a webinar, for example: after a customer attends a webinar, a marketer will typically send a thank you email. Thanks to the Autopilot-Lob integration, we could look up the business address of every attendee and send them a customized postcard — all using the same amount of effort it otherwise would take to send an email.

You can also use this integration to delight your NPS promoters by sending them a beautiful, personalized postcard in the mail. You can also include a referral code or loyalty offer on the postcard — it’s up to you! Tap into customer nostalgia by sending mail that they can hold in their hand. Either way, this fun journey will surprise your best customers and make them happy.

Reconnecting with your customers

While there is a strong chance that you spend a large portion of both your personal and professional lives communicating via text or email, there are still scenarios that call for the old-fashioned formatted letter — even if you’re more likely to send it via the Internet than you are to slap a stamp on it.

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