What you must know before working with YouTube Creators

Libby Margo in Content marketing on 16th of Apr 2019
YouTube Creators Marketing

YouTube Creators Marketing

Influencer marketing takes the idea of the traditional celebrity endorsement and places it into today’s content-driven marketing campaigns. And today, we’re seeing the lines between traditional celebrities and influencers blur, especially on video sites like YouTube. For this reason, we’ve seen an increasing number of cluey marketers form connections with YouTube influencers and in particular, a specific type of influencer called the Youtube Creator.

What exactly is a YouTube Creator?

More than 1.8 billion people log into YouTube each month (Business Insider), but not all users get given the ‘Creator’ tag. To be considered a Creator by YouTube, a user must have an active account and produce high-quality content for the platform. According to YouTube, Creators must be “approachable and a constant presence in their viewers’ lives; they are passionate, socially wired, and excel at building authentic person-to-person connections.” These influencers inspire viewers with a wide range of self-produced content, from step-by-step cooking tutorials to quick life hack videos to comprehensive marketing automation product reviews.

According to Google, brands that form partnerships with YouTube Creators can expect to see the following results: endless creative potential and the attention of a highly engaged and loyal audience. Additionally, savvy marketers know that YouTube Creators are extremely capable of reaching these audiences organically and authentically, so it comes as no surprise that brands are signing up to partner with them in droves.

Thinking of getting a YouTube Creator on board? Before do, take note of the following 3 considerations to ensure that you select the perfect Creator who will drive the best results for your brand:

Define your target audience

You may be tempted to select the YouTube Creator with the highest volume of subscribers. However, there’s no point working with a Creator that has over 1 million loyal followers if their fans aren’t part of your target audience.

If you’ve identified a Creator that you’d like to work with, the first thing you need to ask is: Does this Creator’s audience align with the customers you’re trying to reach? Many YouTube Creators specialize in niche topics, from food to board games to beauty products. Begin by segmenting your users using according to psychographic variables such as interests, values, and personality, and use this information to ensure alignments between your brand and the Creator. Autopilot’s Smart Segment can help you do this. If you don’t have this information about your customers, you can start gathering data through a simple website form (such as Typeform) or data enrichment emails where every touchpoint is a brand new opportunity to learn more about your leads.

Conduct background research on your creator

According to Google, 52% of Australians more likely to follow purchasing advice from their favorite YouTuber than their favorite traditional celebrity. Why? Because YouTube Creators provide an authentic voice for brands, making them more credible than the movie star being paid millions of dollars to promote the latest fad.

Nevertheless, today’s audiences have become savvier in knowing when they are being marketed to. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your Creator is transparent about their previous or existing agreements with other companies before you both sign the dotted line; this involves asking the following questions:

  • How often do they partner with other brands?
  • What kind of brands do they work with?
  • More importantly, has the creator worked with any of your direct competitors?

Ask those questions sooner rather than later. It would be very awkward if you found out, much later on, that your Creator had been collaborating with your number 1 rival!

Learn how to compromise and establish trust

It takes two to execute a successful marketing campaign, so it’s essential to ensure there’s a harmonious working relationship. The most effective way to do this is to plan and produce content with Creators, making sure you develop boundaries and guidelines in the first instance but grant them the freedom to create the actual content. After all, they’re the ones that understand how to engage their viewers and create the right sort of content that would result in those all-important likes, shares

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