Sendgrid + Zendesk + ProsperWorks integration

Use Autopilot to create journeys that use the Sendgrid, Zendesk and ProsperWorks integrations.


Marketing Automation ideas to integrate Sendgrid, Zendesk and ProsperWorks.

Submits New Zendesk Ticket to Submit New Zendesk Ticket to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email

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Submits New Zendesk Ticket to Zendesk Ticket Status to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email

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Submits New Zendesk Ticket to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email to Submit New Zendesk Ticket

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Showing 3 journey ideas for Sendgrid, Zendesk and ProsperWorks

About the Sendgrid integration

SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. SendGrid is a leader in email deliverability and its proven, cloud-based platform successfully delivers over 30 billion emails each month for Internet and mobile-based customers like Airbnb, Pandora, HubSpot, Spotify, Uber and FourSquare as well as more traditional enterprises like Intuit and Costco.

About the Zendesk integration

Zendesk is a service platform that builds software to empower organization and customer relationships. Zendesk’s family of products helps organizations understand their customers, improve communication, and offer support where and when it’s needed most.

About the ProsperWorks integration

ProsperWorks is the simplest to install, easiest to use and most powerful CRM solution for companies that use Google Apps. Customers that use ProsperWorks spend a fraction of the time updating their CRM yet enjoy more accurate and up to the minute customer data for activity tracking, forecasting and insights that help companies sell more, faster.

Create your own marketing automation journey

Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions included in the Sendgrid integration, Zendesk integration and the ProsperWorks integration.

Journey Triggers

Submits New Zendesk Ticket
When a new ticket is submitted that matches certain criteria trigger a new journey.


Zendesk Ticket Status
Check the status or detail of the most recent ticket against a contact with a true or false outcome.

Journey Actions

Send Sendgrid Transactional Email
Send a transactional email from Sendgrid.
Submit New Zendesk Ticket
Submits a new Zendesk ticket for the contact in the journey.

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