Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vs. Autopilot

If you’re researching Salesforce Marketing Cloud competitors because you want something less complex, try Autopilot. We offer simple and visual marketing automation software with seamless CRM integrations

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vs. Autopilot

It's built for everyone, not just developers or tech experts. We can build journeys and test them very quickly, without any need for external help.

Jamie McDermott - Head Of Marketing at Dubber


Transparent and affordable pricing

Pay only for what you need based on your contact database size. No onboarding fees, confusing bundles or need to contact sales. Monthly or annual plans are available. Try before you buy and cancel at any time.


Faster implementation, faster results

You don’t need web development skills or a dedicated marketing ops expert to use Autopilot. Most customers set up on their own in just a few days and see a return on investment in less than six months. And if you need help, we have top-rated customer service to back you up.


Industry-leading API and data streams

Extend functionality and access all of your data with our industry-leading API. Stream all of your data into a data warehouse or other applications like Segment or Heap Analytics.


We’re always here to help

Don’t wait days or even months for tickets to be resolved. Our support team is available 24 hours a day. You can live chat with an expert, attend a training session or read from our extensive and easy-to-understand knowledge base.