Get notified on Slack when a Segment event occurs

This simple journey helps you to find out when someone performs an event that you're tracking in Segment. Stay in the loop so you can take action faster.

About this template

Stop wondering when a contact performs a Segment event (often referred to as a "track call") and instead find out immediately via Slack. This journey can also be expanded to take other actions when someone performs an event in Segment. For example, you might want to email them, send them an SMS, or start targeting them with Facebook or Google ads.
Tags: Customer Acquisition, Customer Onboarding, Customer Retention, B2B Marketing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Lead Nurturing
Integrations: Slack, Segment

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Shapes used in this journey


Segment Event
Add a contact to a journey when they perform a Segment event.


Send Slack Message
Send a contextual Slack message to a Slack channel.

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