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Dear sales teams of the world...

It’s time to start paying attention to automation. It’s not just a marketing tool anymore. It just might be the most powerful tool you have to beat your quota this quarter.

Automation: no longer just for marketers

Forget every old-school rule you’ve ever learned about prospecting. When 60-percent.png60% of the purchase decision is completed before a prospect even engages, you can’t cold call your way to success. You can’t spam your way there, either. With a little luck and skill, however, you just might be able to automate your way to your best quarter ever.

No, we don’t mean that clunky integration with your marketing team’s automation tool. We mean powerful, scalable, automated prospecting that lets you grow your pipeline and beat your quota. Do we have your attention now?

Lead quality AND quantity

It’s a tough pill for sales teams to swallow, but prospecting has changed. To keep beating their quotas, sales teams need to change, too. It’s not just about high volume, and it’s not just about hot leads. The sales teams that succeed today will find a way to both scale their prospecting to reach more leads, and be able to spend most of their time following up with engaged leads.

They also need to dramatically reduce the time they spend manually logging activity in (a recent report found that burdensome tasks are the #3 reason reps don’t meet their quotas). Finally, they need a way to measure which email messages resonate best and iterate quickly. Tracking open rates in Excel won’t cut it anymore.

In short: successful sales teams will maximize the time they spend engaging prospects and building pipeline, and minimize the time they spend on everything else.

Sounds impossible, right? Kind of like having your cake and eating it, too? That’s where sales automation comes in. With the right sales automation tool, you can focus your time on the hottest prospects, close more deals in less time, and beat your sales targets.

Just how will sales automation help, you ask? Check out our latest SlideShare for five specific reasons that sales automation is going to help you crush your number. Every. Single. Quarter.

Ready to give automation a try? CoPilot is the fastest, simplest way to scale your prospecting, grow your pipeline, and crush your quota.

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When we set out to build CoPilot, our goal was to remove the manual work from sales prospecting. A big part of this was ensuring that we provided our users with the best possible insights into how their drip email campaigns were performing, so they could make informed, intelligent decisions about which of them were driving the best results. 

This led us to our partnership with GoodData. By powering CoPilot's reporting with GoodData, we're able to provide our users with the most cutting edge reporting there is, right inside CoPilot itself. 

When it comes to analyzing drip email reports, it's often hard to drown out the noise. For the typical sales person, they simply want to know what's driving engagement with their prospects, and what isn't. In CoPilot we've leveraged GoodData to provide sales people with the ability to view performance at both a campaign level, or drill down into which individual touch point is driving the most engagement. This makes optimizing a drip email campaign simple.

Another reason for partnering with GoodData was their focus on ease of use. Many email reports are time consuming to configure, difficult to interpret, and well...ugly. This was really important to us, given our goal to deliver the most easy to use sales automation tool available. GoodData allows us to provide advanced email reporting in CoPilot, without sacrificing ease of use. 

Just two weeks after its launch CoPilot's clients such as KISSmetrics and SendHub are using its advanced reporting on a daily basis to enhance their sales prospecting efforts, and to generate predictable revenue.

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While doing a press interview for the release of CoPilot I was asked “What actually is it? Marketing Automation, CRM, a new combination or something else?”. The answer I believe speaks to a wider trend happening in the world of sales and marketing tech we live in today.

We call CoPilot a Sales Automation application, but I think it speaks more to the convergence of marketing and sales technology in general. It's not marketing automation, it's not CRM, it fits into this gap in the market that is completely unserved. 

From speaking with hundreds of marketers and sales teams we realized this gap exists in almost every B2B company. In one corner marketing has marketing automation, in another corner sales has CRM, but there is this third corner where sales development representatives live and that's who CoPilot was built to serve. 

Marketing doesn't want salespeople using their marketing automation solution, and CRM doesn't have the technology to help automate outbound prospecting (yeah that’s right, Salesforce mass blasts were never a great idea). So instead, we've seen task driven applications try and tackle this problem: email tracking, email reminders and template management for email clients like Google Apps. All of these are great tools, but as a result of their use, sales development reps have to become taskmasters and rely on manual tasks everyday to stay on track. In fact, they've become so busy being taskmasters they hardly focus on creating opportunities, qualifying and having conversations with engaged prospects. 

CoPilot removes all of these manual tasks and allows sales development teams to add prospects seamlessly to CoPilot. CoPilot will automatically engage prospects through an outbound campaign (that sales teams can design and test) based on the prospects' behavior. CoPilot will then automatically follow up and only land engaged prospects into the sales person's inbox. A real time activity feed and sophisticated reporting give sales teams complete insight into prospects' behavior whether that is clicking on a link or opening one of several touches.

In sales teams, the ultimate goal is predictable revenue. For every 5,000 prospects I reach out to, X% will become qualified leads, Y% will become qualified opportunities and Z% will become new closed business. Everyone talks about predictable revenue in sales by having a process, but the problem is the process of today turns salespeople into taskmasters, outputting so much energy for each of those 5,000 prospects. CoPilot removes the manual work from prospecting. Whenever a prospect engages with an outbound campaign, CoPilot can automatically send a personalized response based on that person's actions. Interested prospects land directly into the salesperson's inbox while the rest continue to receive automated nurturing giving teams more time to invest in engaged prospects.

The magic of CoPilot though is really the feeling you’ll get when the first time an engaged prospect who is ready to buy lands in your inbox and the first conversation you have is about getting a deal done. That's the predictable revenue dream, that’s CoPilot and that’s why I’m so excited today to announce its launch.

Finally, Prospect Ace works seamlessly with CoPilot, so if you want a solution for finding targeted and verified prospects and then engaging them with outbound prospecting emails it’s the perfect combination!

Happy Prospecting!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 20, 2014

Marketing Automation Platform Autopilot today announced it has raised $10mm Series B financing led by Rembrandt Venture Partners with participation from Southern Cross Venture Partners, Blackbird and personal investments from Tim Draper, and Terry & Katrina Garnett. As part of the funding round, Scott Irwin, Partner at Rembrandt Venture Partners will join the board of directors.

Autopilot’s next wave marketing automation platform consolidates applications marketing teams use on a daily basis into powerful and easy to use “apps” hosted on a single platform. It removes the requirement for long implementations and the high cost of ownership typically associated with marketing automation software. By removing the complexity, Autopilot allows marketers to focus on the strategy and execution using agile marketing practices. This round of funding will be primarily invested in accelerating growth and product development.

“Innovation died out in the first wave of marketing automation software. It was heavily tethered to CRM and it’s main focus was around email marketing. It’s hard to use, takes months to implement and has an unjustified high cost of ownership. Today there is this exciting explosion of marketing technology that can help marketers outmaneuver their competitors, but the real problem is access to this technology,” said Michael Sharkey, CEO and co-founder of Autopilot. “We’re giving marketers an ecosystem to access this technology on an open platform with a consistent experience and interface that every marketer can easily use. Today we’ve built the first of these powerful apps and have a laser focus on making the technology more accessible to the wider market.”

Autopilot will open their marketing technology SDK to developers later this year, enabling marketing technologists access to a number of sophisticated APIs including Autopilot’s lead intelligence and automation applications. Developers will be able to deploy new and existing marketing technology to the Autopilot Marketplace with ease. Autopilot’s unique SDK will allow developers to modify core applications to customize and configure the software to meet the ever changing requirements of marketing.

Autopilot was founded in late 2011 by the “Sharkey Brothers” - Michael, Peter, and Chris. The three Australian-born brothers were frustrated by the complexity and difficulty associated with setting up marketing technology in their previous startups. Autopilot is the first marketing automation platform built with an open software development kit that provides marketers access to the next wave of marketing technology on a single platform - without the complication of complex integrations, the involvement of IT or expensive consultants. With ease, Autopilot allows marketers to focus on strategy and execution, which leads to a higher return on investment.

Autopilot’s platform today (including users of their popular targeted prospect building application Prospect Ace) has over 3,000 users and includes customers such as Microsoft, Nokia, Bosch, Voxer, Sol Republic, Cambium Networks, SendHub and Model N.

Developers can register their interest for Autopilot’s Marketing SDK here:

Today we're excited to announce a new feature for Prospect Ace we call Upload & Match. Upload & Match makes building prospect lists with verified emails even easier. Upload & Match allows you to upload a CSV or XLS spreadsheet to Prospect Ace with first, last and the company name of the prospects you're trying to reach. Prospect Ace, like magic, finds verified emails and demographic information against the contacts you uploaded.

Upload & Match is great for lists where you don't have verified email addresses for your marketing campaigns. A good example is after attending a conference, typically email addresses are not distributed to sponsors. Upload & Match can find verified emails for all of the attendees making conference follow up a cinch.

If you haven't yet installed Prospect Ace for Google Chrome, you can install it free by clicking on the button below:

We'd love your feedback and to hear how you're using Prospect Ace Upload & Match to increase your top line revenue.

Happy Prospecting,


Today we are very pleased to announce Prospect Ace, a new sales prospecting and intelligence tool that enables users to find targeted prospects from social profiles. Prospect Ace allows salespeople to identify and source verified email addresses and demographic information with a simple Google Chrome browser plug-­in. Unlike other data solutions, Prospect Ace’s technology guarantees verified email addresses while ultimately increasing conversion rates of prospecting campaigns.

With Autopilot’s marketing automation platform, Prospect Ace allows users, including salespeople and marketers, to identify and reach targeted prospects, helping create predictable revenue. For example, a salesperson using Prospect Ace can research and find a prospect on LinkedIn or Twitter, and in just seconds build a strategic contact list with verified emails and demographic information. Existing Autopilot customers can add these verified emails to sales and marketing automation campaigns.

We created Prospect Ace because our customers told us they were frustrated with buying lead lists that were out of date and typically yield a low conversion rate for campaigns. Incorrect information, coupled with a lack of strategy is a recipe for failure. Prospect Ace provides sales professionals the tools to build curated and highly targeted prospect lists using social intelligence which ultimately results in a higher conversion rate with an overall lower cost-per-lead.

Check out the video below to learn more about Prospect Ace, or you can download Prospect Ace for Google Chrome by clicking on the red button.