Create better customer experiences with Zendesk and Autopilot

Autopilot in Marketing automation on 18th of Jun 2020
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Create better customer experiences with Zendesk and Autopilot

Happy customers make for successful businesses

It’s an old adage, articulated in every business school and repeated by every manager since the first interviews at the Marinelli Bell Foundry, but quality customer service is key for a successful business. In providing a positive customer experience across each stage of the customer lifecycle, businesses are investing in acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Studies show 86% of customers would spend up to 25% more for a superior customer service experience, while 50% of customers will increase spending after a positive customer service experience. It’s an area where businesses not only recoup their acquisition costs, but cultivate a loyal, valuable customer base, and position their brand as a worthwhile, customer first organization.

This is why over 150,000 businesses worldwide use Zendesk to build valuable relationships with their customers, and enhance the way they do business. Zendesk’s support and customer engagement software enables teams to manage conversations with all their users across multiple channels, use reporting and data to identify trends and measure the impact of change, and identify any friction points through one streamlined dashboard.

Improving the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey

Several decades ago, the customer buying process was heavily based on the traditional, linear customer funnel — and businesses relied on this simple model in order to get to know their customers. Today, we understand that the path to purchase is not as linear as the funnel model would have us believe. Your customers now have more ways to interact than ever before.

This is where businesses use marketing automation solution Autopilot to make customer journey mapping a simple process. With Autopilot’s visual canvas, users create automated workflows that streamline and simplify some of the most time-consuming business processes, and push engaging content across multiple channels (website, app, blog, mobile, and more).

This week, Autopilot launched a new feature - the Autopilot Webhook shape. With this Webhook, users can build their own custom action within a customer journey. In particular, this will shortly enable businesses to connect Zendesk and Autopilot, and use the syncing of customer data to improve the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey.

Example: Create a ticket in Zendesk when a new customer asks for help

With this template, you can make sure new customers who need a bit more help are attended to quickly. During the onboarding process, if a customer clicks on the ‘need more help’ option in an email, a Zendesk ticket is created immediately through the Webhook action, and their account information updated on Zendesk. This will enable your team to reach out to that customer, and ensure no time is wasted in resolving their issue and enabling them to continue through the onboarding process as a happy customer.

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