Why unbundled is the new bundled

Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 3rd of Dec 2018

Best-of-breed software

Just like orange is the new black, unbundled is the new bundled. Large software suites are being replaced by software stacks that enable marketers to integrate their favorite cloud apps like Typeform, Slack and Trello.

Recent innovations in API technology have enabled marketing automation software to host a whole range of integrations that share data across platforms. Software that provides an unbundled, best-of-breed solution is one that understands that if you try to do everything you might do nothing well. They may not be the best when it comes to form building, communication and project management etc., but they don’t have to be. Expert marketers are abandoning the larger providers for those that acknowledge that particular technological solutions are best left to the experts.

Instead of boxing you into a solution that you don’t want, marketing automation software like Autopilot gives you the option to pick and choose the apps you already know and love.

CEO of Autopilot, Michael Sharkey admits that when he started building Autopilot, the goal wasn’t to create marketing automation software. “We noticed that marketers liked using best-of-breed apps—like Typeform. But they were lacking a single source of truth about the customer, or a way to orchestrate the customer journey.”

“We looked at the market, and every existing platform was incredibly hard to use and expensive. If you wanted to send a simple follow-up or automate a series of emails on completion of a Typeform, you’d need a developer because of the complexity of marketing automation.”

Autopilot takes the natural language marketers have been using forever to communicate — and this language is drawing on a whiteboard. Michael reveals that he wanted to replicate the meeting room where teams hash out ideas and generate campaigns. “We wanted to turn that into a product that anyone could use.”

Unmasking all-in-one solutions

With best-of-breed apps, marketers can design the customer experience themselves and remove the reliance on developers or consultants.

Today, marketers are making the shift of moving away from all-in-one solutions and traveling into the land of best-of-breed. All-in-one solutions were perceived to benefit marketers by offering a solution where you had all your contacts, data and tools in one place. But what marketers began to discover was that these all-in-one solutions looked much like a jack of all trades and master of none,

“Marketing tools and channels are always changing—the best channel to communicate today may not be the best in 12 months,” says Michael. “But by focusing on the right best-of-breed technologies, they have an agile stack that allows them to shift as the landscape changes.”

Unbundled integrations

In enabling marketers to personalize, contextualized and automate the customer journey, Autopilot is one such unbundled solution. Integrations fit on the customer journey canvas as triggers, actions and conditions. Together, they create a flow, reproducing the marketing funnel and visualizing every customer touchpoint.

With Autopilot, marketers can trigger a list from Pipedrive, capture data from a survey in Typeform, assign a lead to sales on Slack and two-way sync information with PieSync. With all integrations, Michael urges marketers to ask themselves: “What happens next?

For example, when someone fills out a Typeform what is the next sequence of steps in their journey? Do they receive a follow-up email or a reward to say “thank you” for their product feedback? Whatever the next step may be, Autopilot offers a connection between a wide range of best-of-breed applications.

With the above example of Typeform, marketers can create a conversational experience with leads and then craft another personalized experience by connecting other apps like email, Twilio and Headsup.

“Apps that offer personal, contextual experiences are the kind of integration we champion,” says Michael.

Browse Autopilot’s best-of-breed software and empower your marketing by picking the right channel and the right tool for the job.

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